A hat-trick of wins for Moreton Hall Prep!

Posted on Friday, 2nd February 2018 in Match Reports

U9 hockey v Riddlesworth Hall

I won the toss and chose first centre pass.  We started off well and scored our first goal quite quickly.  As a team we were really good at pushing forward and putting pressure on Riddlesworth’s defence. By half time we were firmly in the lead.  Mrs K. gave us all an inspiring team talk and pointed out where we could position the ball better.  In the second half we remembered what Mrs K. said and we spaced ourselves out more and this included Ivy making a super pass.  We went on to win 8-0 with well set up shots and Amelia and Caris scoring.  Riddlesworth chose me as girl of the game.  A special mention to the goats for coming to cheer us along!  Thank you Mrs K for coaching and the kitchen for match tea!

Saskia (cpt)

U10 football v St Joseph’s

St Joseph’s won the toss and chose to start.  We got off to a good start by Fraser coming close to scoring in the first quarter.  After a five minute break we were back on and we came close to scoring again.  At half time the score was nil nil.  It was their turn to kick off again but Fraser put a brilliant tackle in and from outside the box unleashed an unstoppable effort to score our first goal.  Then in that same quarter Ben scored a great goal that no-one was stopping.  Then we played our third quarter and Fraser took a free kick and crossed it straight to Louis at the back post completely unmarked and he headed it in to make us 3-0 up and then Fraser managed to get another two goals to get himself a hat trick and to secure the game 5-0.

Thank you for Mr Thompson for coaching and St Joseph’s for match tea.

Fraser (cpt)

U8 Tag Rugby Quadrangular v Framlingham A & B’s, South Lee and Barnadiston Hall

The first of the four matches was against Framlingham A’s. It was a good match however Framlingham suffered an injury and they had to replace one of their players. We scored some beautiful tries with me scoring one, George T scoring one, Ashely scoring one, Ollie scoring two and Albie scoring one. Man of the match on that game goes to Albie. Final score was 6-4 to Moreton Hall.

The second match was against South Lee. They played well but not good enough for the Moreton Hall under 8’s. It was all in all like the match before but this time both teams got a higher score. The tries to make the highest score were made by myself who scored two, George T.  one, Ashley one, Ollie two and Sammi one. About a quarter of the way through a boy from South Lee tagged George T and then stuck his arm out when George was passing and made it a knock on for us. We all played well but one person in particular I think played very well and that was George who was pulling those tags, he gets man of the match. Final score was 7-5 to Moreton Hall.

Third match was against Framlingham B’s. The B’s in my opinion were better then the A’s especially as one of their players who goes by the name Felix was very big, in length and width! We all played very well in this match ending up with a 7 tags which means turn over ball which was a very high advantage for us. The people who scored were Ashley with one, George T with one and Ollie with one. Sami gets man or the match for some wonderful runs and great support to the rest of his team. Final score was 3-2 to Moreton Hall

Fourth match was against Barnardiston Hall. This was an easy finish for us as we knew how they acted by the match that we had played against them before. We got another 7 tags (which meant turnover ball) as they were just about to score it was last play, we were raring to go, the team decided to let George T to have the run of the game. He took it, he got tagged, Ashely came in with great support, took the ball and finished the game which lead to a final score of 7-3 to Moreton Hall. The people who scored were Albie with two, me with two, Ashley with one, George T with one and Ollie with one. Man of the match goes to me as chosen by Mr James.

This day was the best four matches we have ever played, I did not see everyone leave but I’m pretty sure everyone did leave with a cheerful mind. We are very proud of each other and hope to carry on the rest of the season like this.

Thank you to Mr James for driving and coaching and Framlingham for great sausages!

George (cpt)