Moreton Hall is a non-selective Catholic, co-educational, independent school for pupils from ages 4 to 13.  About one quarter of the children are Catholic.  The school has over 110 pupils, of whom over 10% are boarders.  Admission is based an interview at the school with the Headmaster and, where appropriate, references from the candidate’s previous school.  This process ensures that potential pupils will be able to enjoy our balanced and well rounded education and to make a positive contribution towards the life of the school.  Our aim is to encourage applications from candidates with as diverse a range of backgrounds as possible.  This enriches our community and is vital in preparing our pupils for today’s world.


The school fees and other charges are updated annually.  Where possible, any changes will be notified to parents prior to the implementation of any alterations.  Financial Bursaries and Endowments are offered in order to make entry to the school as accessible for as many children who meet the school’s admission criteria.  Full details of our financial awards can be obtained from the Bursar.

Dietary Needs

Where a bespoke diet is required the Catering Manager will be pleased to discuss the pupil’s requirements.  The catering team will be pleased to make reasonable accommodation within the menu choices offered.  Generally the need for special diets occurs on religious or medical grounds.

Overseas Admissions

Overseas pupils are welcome to study at Moreton Hall as a boarding student provided that he/she has a relative or legal guardian living in the UK with whom he/she can stay for some weekends.  However, parents of overseas pupils should appreciate that Moreton Hall does not run a short-term study programme, and expects overseas pupils to finish a complete course of study, normally a full school year or, in exceptional circumstances, a full-term.  As improving their English is usually an important part of the experience at Moreton Hall, numbers of overseas students from common linguistic backgrounds is restricted.

In order to benefit from the academic and social demands of Moreton Hall, pupils should be confident English speakers.  Extra tuition in English as an Additional Language (EAL) is readily available and can be arranged at the parent’s expense.  Some children have successfully joined Moreton Hall with very limited English.  Such cases require careful discussion in advance of joining the school.


Moreton Hall is committed to equal treatment for all, regardless of a candidate’s race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or social background.  Moreton Hall has a Catholic compass but is a community of more than one faith.  We do not select for entry on the basis of religious belief.  However, parents should be aware that there is a weekly school Mass, on Wednesday, for Years 3 and above and that full boarders also attend Mass in Bury St Edmunds at the weekend.

We foster an environment of inclusion and mutual respect.  It is of paramount importance to Moreton Hall that the individual needs of each of its pupils are fully understood and respected.

As part of our anti-discriminatory policy, we welcome pupils with special educational needs, providing that our Learning Support Department can offer them the support that they require.  We also welcome pupils with physical disabilities provided that our site can cope with them.  However, we advise parents of children with special educational needs or physical disabilities to discuss their child’s requirements with Moreton Hall as part of their entrance interview so that we can make adequate provision for him/her.  Parents should provide a copy of an Educational Psychologist’s report or a medical report if necessary.  We will discuss thoroughly with parents the adjustments that can reasonably be made for the child if he/she becomes a pupil at the school.

Terms & Conditions of Admission

You can read our Terms and Conditions here. A printed copy will also be available from the School Office on request.


We hope that you and your child do not have any complaints about our admissions process but copies of the School’s complaints procedure are available on request.