Boarding at Moreton Hall Prep School

At Moreton Hall, Boarding is run very much as an extended family. The Headmaster oversees the boarding house, which is situated in the heart of the main school building. They are also supported by a dedicated team of two Matrons and resident Gap Students as well as teaching staff.

Moreton Hall has a well-established boarding community of boys and girls. The majority of older pupils at Moreton Hall choose to board in preparation for their move to Public School. Boarding may be ‘full’, “weekly”, “flexi-” (one or more particular nights each week) or “occasional.” This flexibility makes for a vibrant and exciting Boarding community and provides peace of mind for many working parents. The boarding house is open to children from Form IV onwards (8 years and older).

There are a wide range of trips and activities on offer and as a result most full Boarders describe the weekends at Moreton Hall as the highlight of their week.


Lifestyle for our boarders

Our Boarders develop close friends and also have unparalleled opportunities for sporting, cultural and leisure activities due to their well-resourced school in beautiful Suffolk countryside. Children are allowed to be children, and are encouraged  to play outside, indulge in hobbies, and make the most of being with their friends.

Boarders at Moreton Hall are cheerful and busy. They learn to be tidy, organised and self-sufficient. Children are encouraged to be independent and use their initiative; as a result children learn how to prioritise their various activities and studies. Above all we aim to ensure that a balanced programme is reached so that the Boarders are well-rounded individuals who can approach their senior schools with confidence. Many of our boarders have achieved 13+ scholarships.

Children can contact their parents by email, on Skype, or at specified times on their own mobile ‘phones. A qualified specialist offers individual and small group lessons in English to children for whom it is not the first language.

To view our Boarders’ Booklet, please click here.