Boyface and the Uncertain Ponies

Posted on Tuesday, 21st November 2017 in GENERAL NEWS

On Sunday I took part in a play at the Apex called Boyface and the Uncertain Ponies.  It all started during the summer holidays when my sister Molly was driving me crazy.  My mum signed me up for a workshop to give me a break from her.  James Campbell, who wrote Boyface, was in charge of the workshop.  He’s a really nice man and very funny.  We spent a week reading through the book and working out how we could turn it into a play and who could play all the different parts.  I got the part of Boyface!  I was a bit worried about it as I knew I would have a lot of lines to learn.  We rehearsed every Tuesday after school for two months.  I was so scared when it was time for the show, I really didn’t want to do it.  It was all ok in the end and went really well.  Everyone did a great job and there were no disasters!  I really enjoyed being up on stage but am happy that it’s all over now.  Thank you to the staff and pupils who came to watch me.

George (Form IV)