Cricket round up

Posted on Friday, 23rd June 2017 in Cricket

U13 v OBH

We arrived at OBH in the hot sun keen to get our match under-way.  I lost the toss and they chose to bat first.  Ben and Merlin opened the bowling brilliantly with them both getting wickets in their first overs.  Then their 3rd and 4th batsman got a good partnership and they kept getting more runs until Tyler got them both out with one being caught by James.  Their run-rate then increased and they didn’t look slowing up.  Then Wilf got one of their batsman out who was on 60 with Merlin catching him on the boundary.  Then Wilf got two more wickets, however they finished on a score of 196 for 7.

James and Kit then went out to open the batting but unfortunately Kit was bowled.  Then Merlin went in and built a good partnership with James, then James was caught, followed by Tyler.  Merlin and Harry raised our run rate but then Merlin was caught on 31.  Ben and Fergus came in and supported Harry well but then got out followed by Harry.  Wilf, Edward Ha. and Edward He., finished off the innings but sadly it was not enough and we finished on 101 for 8.

Thank you to Mr James for coaching and driving and OBH for match tea.  Man of the match goes to the whole team for giving lots of effort in the intense heat.

Kit, Captain of Cricket

U11 v Brookes Cambridge

Brookes Cambridge opened the batting.  They batted well scoring a couple of 4s.  We took 10 wickets including two from Benjamin, two from Henry and two from Harley.  Archie, George, Rory and I all took a wicket as well and Brookes Cambridge finished their innings on 89 runs.

Moreton Hall’s opening batsman were Rory and George.  They faced some fast bowling.  We batted strongly and hit a couple of 4s.  We finished with a total of 86.  It was a close match.  Man of the match goes to Jameson for brilliant bowling. Special mention to George for good bowling. Thanks to Mr Thompson for coaching and matron for match tea.

Ollie (cpt)

U9 Girls’ Kwik cricket v Brookes Cambridge

I won the toss and chose to bat first. I scored a four and Avni and I then got another six runs.  Next to bat were Jemima and Cece.  Cece batted first scoring two runs then Jemima hit it a long way and they threw it to the wicket keeper but she missed so they ran again.  Serafina and Amelia W batted some great balls and scored several runs.  Elizabeth and Amelia H-Y batted well with a good finish for our team.

I started off bowling with Avni in back stop. WE almost got someone out working well fielding. Then Jemima bowled and Cece was back stop. Jemima bowled someone out! Elizabeth then did some great bowling along with the rest of the team.  Unfortunately we were very close but didn’t get any more wickets. It was half time.

In the second half both teams batted well and we worked very well as a team.  The final score was Moreton Hall 251, Brookes Cambridge 257.  Thank you to Mrs Moxon for coaching and Brookes Cambridge for match tea. Girl of the game goes to the whole team for brilliant play.

Isabel (cpt)