Fairytales Gone Bad!

Posted on Wednesday, 21st June 2017 in Music & Drama

As a start to Moreton Hall’s participation in  the Theatre Royal’s Once Upon a Festival, we could not have asked for better than the marvellously gory performance of  Zombie-rella/Blood Red Hood by the incredibly talented Joseph Coelho. His clever and colourful script was enhanced by his ingenious use of set, costumes and props which, along with his precise movements brought each seperate character to life as if there was a whole cast on the stage!

The question and answer session afterwards gave the pupils a wonderful insight into his inspiration and all the elements of theatre that are involved in producing a play as well as discussing ideas for follow up ‘grimm’ tales.

This was followed in the afternoon by a workshop with the Theatre Royal who gave the children lots of ideas for performance technique in preparation for their own play which they will perform on Thursday at the Theatre.