Form VI Concert

Posted on Monday, 26th June 2017 in Music & Drama

On Thursday 22nd June we had our Year 6 concert. It was a great success and everyone enjoyed it.  It was an amazing experience and really nice to be able to work together to organise the concert and raise money for charity.

Molly, Jessica and I did the advertising and thank you to Henry, Jameson and Harley for doing the stage management and to Matilda, Issy and Hermanie for the refresments.  Finally, thank you to Mrs Wolton for pointing us in the right direction! We all really enjoyed the night.


Yesterday we had the Form VI concert.  We had the refreshments all set out with some programmes on the seats.  Then, suddenly some excited guests started to arrive while we were practising our final song.  Once we finished, Matilda, Hermanie and Issy started to head their way to the refreshments stall.  When our guests were all filled up the concert started.  Jameson started off with the trumpet, playing the National Anthem and then everyone started clapping before we all carried on with our performances inlcuding Katie, Olivia, a duet by Linda and Katie, Jameson again, Linda and then our final song as a class, Seven Years Old. After all that excitement everyone started to eat again and chat together before they left.

We had donations and all the money raised was going to a charity called Focus on Africa.   Thank you everybody for coming and Mrs Wolton for letting us organise this amazing event and the whole of Form VI for performing.