Huge thumbs up for the U9 boys and girls winning their matches

Posted on Wednesday, 21st June 2017 in Cricket

U9 cricket v Finborough

I won the toss and chose to bat first.  Fareed and I were first in to bat, we rotated the strike well and scored 18.  Matthew and Ashley continued to score well with them finishing off on a score of 11.  The remaining batsmen came in to bat in their pairs and all did well with our team finishing on a score of 269.

Finborough then came in to bat.  Matthew and I started off the bowling.  We got pace on the ball and they scored very few runs.  We carried on bowling with Fraser taking a great wicket and with some great quick thinking we managed 3 run outs by Fareed, Fraser and me.  They couldn’t match our team and they managed a score of 236.

Man of the match goes to Fraser for excellent batting and bowling.  The whole team pulled together and it was a great win for the U9s.  Let’s see if we can finish the season on a high with our remaining matches at Brookes and OBH.  Thank you to Mr James for coaching and Finborough for match tea.

Matthew (cpt.)

U9 v Finborough

I won the toss and I chose to field first. Finborough started steady with a few half rounders but with our great fielding we managed to get some girls out. In the second quarter we were batting and Amelia H-Y scored our first full rounder shortly followed by Saskia, me, Avni, another one from Saskia, Isabel and Elizabeth.  This brought us up to half time and the score was 4½ to Finborough and 12½ to us. Mrs K had a big smile on her face!

In the third quarter Finborough’s batting was rather slow and they only scored a couple of rounders because our fielding was brilliant and I caught someone out.  In the last quarter  we were in bat again with a further full rounder from Isabel and me, then Saskia scored two amazing full rounders.

The final score was 9 to them and 19 to us.  Thank you Finborough for match tea and Mr James for driving and Mrs K for coaching.  Girls of the game goes to me as chosen by Finborough and Saskia, chosen by me for some excellent rounders.

Jemima (cpt)