Living Together Day – focus on engineering

Posted on Monday, 10th September 2018 in PRE-PREP

The new school year began with Living Together Day which gives the new children a chance to get know pupils outside their class.

The activities this year were based on turning the children into engineers. We were thrilled to have Chris Botting and his team from Marshall’s Aerospace in Cambridge. The children loved the activities such as building aerodynamic aeroplanes, electric cars as well as activities designed to learn about nuclear power and waste. Our thanks must also go to Paul Ravenhill, a research and development engineer. The children had great fun designing an intercooler and inspecting the engine parts in his lovingly restored vintage Morris Minor!

In the afternoon they worked in vertically streamed groups taking on a Lego challenge.  Each group was given a box containing a random assortment of Lego bricks and they were required to build a model from what they had to impress the judges!