Moreton Hall Prep welcomes Bishop of East Anglia

Posted on Friday, 4th May 2018 in GENERAL NEWS

Bishop Alan Hopes, the fourth Bishop of East Anglia spent the day at Moreton Hall Prep School earlier this week where he took Mass and met with staff, pupils and governors.

The Bishop’s visit began with Mass during which all the money we raised from the School’s Lenten Fundraiser for the learning centres in St Edmund’s twin parish in Cambodia was included with the offertory. The pupils were inspired to collect after Father Mark Hackeson, our parish priest, told the children about his visits to Cambodia and so, during Lent, children were asked to count the number of eggs and bags of rice they had at home. The number of pencils in their pencil cases were also enthusiastically counted and the corresponding amount of money brought in for the children in Cambodia.

After Mass the Bishop, Father Mark Hackeson and Father Padraig Hawkins enjoyed lunch with the Headmaster and his wife and School Governors before meeting our Pre-Prep children. They delighted in singing to the Bishop and were keen to share their creative writing with him!  This was followed by an audience with Year 8 pupils who were keen to find out about the role of the Bishop having been learning about the mission of the church and Jesus’ teaching on discipleship.

Headmaster Chris Moxon said: “It was a great pleasure to welcome Bishop Alan to Moreton Hall.  I am delighted that he was so thrilled by the warm welcome he received and he has offered to come back and see us again next year. ”

Moreton Hall Prep is one of only two Catholic prep schools in the diocese and has close links with the church and plays a unique part in supporting and building up the Catholic faith in the parish of St Edmund’s and the diocese of East Anglia.  Moreton Hall has hosted retreats for the confirmation candidates and youth group of St Edmund’s parish and this year will host the Diocesan Summer Camp. Moreton Hall Prep School also provides invaluable support for the work of Celebrate, a national Catholic family conference, by hosting its speakers and organisers during its East Anglian weekend.