People tell us about the ‘invisible magic’ they feel when they come to Moreton Hall which sets us apart from other schools. That is because at Moreton Hall we give the children the confidence to believe that they can be whatever it is that they dream to be. Our dedicated staff give our children the ability to think independently, to have respect for themselves and others, to be confident in their own skin and not afraid to be unique.

The children at Moreton Hall love coming to school. To them it is another day of exploring.

To the teachers and parents it is laying the foundations for a successful lifetime of skills and learning.

There is a strong emphasis on promoting independence and responsibility from the start and an outdoor education is at the heart of our experienced and nurturing staffs’ planning.

“Just as every land you discover in Enid Blyton’s faraway tree opens up something new and exciting, this is how our children’s learning and development is at Moreton Hall.”

The Pre-Prep may be the youngest children at our school but they contribute to school life in every way. French is introduced in Reception by a native speaker. Music, dance swimming and sport is included on the timetable and taught by specialist teachers. Further enrichment is provided through educational trips and extra-curricular clubs. A popular one being bike club, where the children enjoy bringing their own bikes to school!

We pride ourselves in the Pre-Prep on educating the whole child and are constantly blown away by how kind, confident and unique our wonderful children are.

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