The Prep School is formed of Years 3 through to 8 (and we call them Transition, then Forms IV, V, VI, VII & VIII – Transition is for Seven year olds turning 8 in the course of the year.)

Transition, Form IV and Form V follow a Classteacher model, with one teacher delivering the lion’s share of the lessons. Whilst this consistency is maintained, the children also start to meet specialist staff as part of their routine. From Form VI the focus shifts wholeheartedly to a Subject taught model, with the boys and girls now receiving their lessons from a full spread of specialist staff in a sensibly paced run-up towards their Common Entrance or Scholarship examinations at the end of Form VIII. In all years the children remain in their classroom and the teachers are the ones travelling to them, with the exception of subjects with specialist teaching rooms such as the Science lab or Art Room.

Transition and Form IV still have a weekly swimming lesson. Latin starts in Form V but otherwise all classes enjoy a similar spread of lessons.

Academic lessons are well leavened by our Arts curriculum as well as our Games and Activities programme. Craft, Music, Art and ICT all have their place in the curriculum alongside the examined subjects. Details of these important components of the children’s day can be accessed by means of the links alongside this page. Collectively, they form one of the distinctive strengths of Moreton Hall: a wide-ranging, balanced experience in the classrooms supported by plenty of time spent on our fields every day.

Class sizes are capped at a maximum of 16, ensuring that the understanding between pupil and teacher is as meaningful as possible. In Forms VI to VIII to additional places are reserved for overseas students, taking the class maximum to 18.

Overseas students are only offered a place for a minimum of one full term and the majority stay for at least a school year, avoiding the disruption caused by shorter-term arrangements. Each Form also has its own Form Tutor who, as well as delivering some of that Form’s lessons, spends dedicated time in the course of each day with their children. After lunch there is time allocated to reading in the Form room, during which time the Tutor has the opportunity to catch up with individuals on a one to one basis. ‘Homework’ is done at school after lessons and is helped along again by the Tutor. Moreton Hall recognises both the length of our school day and the importance of family time and is careful not to employ the expectation of work being done at home each night.