Geography has never been more relevant than it is today. Sustainable development, climate change, biodiversity loss, traffic congestion, environmental degradation, natural hazards are all headlines in the news today and undoubtedly in the future.

Geography at Moreton Hall aims to foster pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world around them, combining the environmental, scientific, social, economic, political and historical aspects of the subject with contemporary case studies from the local to the global scale.

Pupils are taught by their form teacher up to Form 5 and from Form 6 upwards by the subject specialist. This approach allows for good cross-curricular links lower down the school and for continuity and progression further up the school as the pupils work towards Common Entrance and Scholarship.

Whatever the age or ability of the pupils, the department aims to develop the knowledge and understanding of place, people and the natural environment, whilst considering the causes and consequences of change through innovative and relevant teaching, both in the classroom and out in the field. Each year group has the opportunity to observe and engage with their surroundings on field trips in the region. This supports the objective of developing pupils’ qualitative and quantitative data collection, recording, presentation and analytical skills, recognised as essential skills in the work place and in academia.