Our pupils keenly undertake practical work as part of their scientific studies in order to learn about the world around them first hand. This encourages our children to prove answers for themselves and not just to rely on what they have been told or read. At Moreton Hall we believe in doing “the real thing” and we have found that our unique approach leads to truly enthusiastic pupils and fun and interactive lessons.

We are the proud owners of a purpose built and fully equipped Science Lab complete with white lab coats and quintessential Bunsen burners! Our children are encouraged to look, feel and act like scientists which ensures a thirst for scientific knowledge and practical enquiry.

In years three to six, children are taught science as a general subject. The topics cross the three disciplines each year. Much time is spent planning and carrying out investigative work, which enables pupils to develop skills whilst gaining knowledge.

In years seven and eight “Practical Enquiry” is replaced with the subject of Science being taught in the three traditional disciplines of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Pupils follow the Common Entrance syllabus with much extension work for those working towards scholarships.