Rounders round up

Posted on Thursday, 25th May 2017 in Match Reports

U9 v St Margaret’s Halstead

We lost the toss and they chose to bat first.  We started off well with our fielding, managing to get a few people out but they soon scored one rounder, followed by another rounder.  Then it was our turn to bat.  Jemima scored a rounder, followed by one more and at half time the scores were even 3½ all.

We went back on the pitch and started to play well getting a few people out by catching the ball, then it was our turn to bat again.  We were much better with our batting and scored 6½ rounders.  The score at the end of the match was 10-10.

Thank you to Mrs Moxon for coaching and girl of the game goes to the whole team for playing very well.

U11A v Glebe House

We were delighted to welcome Glebe House School for our rounders match on Wednesday on a beautifully warm afternoon.

We lost the toss and Glebe House chose to field first.  We started to bat and we tried our best to score as many rounders as possible but their fielding was excellent and we managed to score 5½ rounders.

Glebe House then batted and they scored 10, thier batting was as good as their fielding.  Congratulations to Glebe on the win and thanks to them for travelling such a long distance to play us.  Girl of the game goes to the whole team for their efforts – it was a tough match on a very hot day and everyone tried really hard.

Thanks to Mrs Konrath for umpiring, Matron and Mrs Hunt for providing match tea.


U11B v Glebe House

We lost the toss and they chose to field first.  I batted first and although I was run out by Abi on the second, she did score half a rounder.  Tabitha also scored a half on her go.  Glebe House threw a number of no balls, resulting in us gaining another two and half rounders.  We only had one go at batting and unfortunately their first base was very strong so well done to Tabitha for being one of the last ones in.  They went into bat next and we fielded better than we batted but it wasn’t quite good enough so they got 8½ rounders but they did only have two batters left!

Thank you to Mrs K and Steph for coaching and matron for match tea.  Girl of the game goes to me chosen by Glebe House, but girl of the game chosen by me goes to Tabitha for being one of the last ones in.


U13 v Finborough

We lost the toss and they chose to field first.  We started off well with rounders from Grace, Zynia, Tashy, Tilly, Frankie, Alice and I.  Then Grace smashed the ball and scored another impressive rounder followed by Tash, Frankie and I.  Then Grace, Tilly, Zynia and I scored another rounders each making our score 14.

Now it was our turn to field, Tashy bowled balls in and we were determined to get them all out before the time was up. There were some great passes from Pippa and Zynia and we managed to stump all of them out except three. We had to be quick but we managed to get the whole team out.

We were batting again and we started off nicely with Grace, Tashy and Frankie all scoring rounders. Then Alice hit a great ball down passed fourth base and scored another rounder.  Then Grace, Tashy and Tilly scored a rounder each and Alice anbd Zynia scored half.  Just before our time was up Grace scored the final rounder making the final score 23-11 to Moreton Hall.

Girl of the game goes to Alice for her amazing hitting.  Thank you to Mrs Fenner for coaching and Finborough for match tea.

Ishtar, Captain of Rounders