Rounders round up

Posted on Friday, 23rd June 2017 in Match Reports

U13 v Brookes Cambridge

We won the toss and chose to field first – Brookes didn’t have enough players so we gave them Anna and Alice.  We managed to get all but three out however, despite our good fielding Anna kept hitting the ball past second base.  Now we came in to bat and we started off well with Tashy and Frankie hitting some amazing balls into the gaps.  We continued to bat really well with all of us scoring at least one rounder each and at the end of the first innings the score was 13½ to 7½ to us.

It was our turn to field again and we played a lot better and got most of them out on the first go.  However Anna and Alice continued to score rounders but Grace got Alice out.

We came back on to bat and were scoring lots of rounders however they managed to get a lot of us out.  But our batting remained great. The final score was 24½ to 13½ to us.

Thank you Mrs K for coaching and Brookes for match tea.  Girl of the game goes to Anna for her amazing batting.

Ishtar, Captain of Rounders

U11 v Holmwood House

We lost the toss and they chose to field first.  Our batting was good with some good hits from Hermanie and Matilda.  We managed to score 6½ rounders. In the second quarter our fielding was strong and we only let them score 3½ rounders.  For the third quarter we had some great hits and running form all the team and we scored 6 rounders.  In the last quarter we only let them score 3 rounders making the final score 12½ – 6½ to us.

Thank you Mrs Fenner for coaching and Matron for match tea. Well done to the whole team for playing really well.

Katie (cpt)