Sports round up

Posted on Thursday, 7th December 2017 in Match Reports

U13 girls’ hockey v Riddlesworth Hall

We began this fixture well with an early attack down the right of the pitch into the D and then a quick shot to score. This gave us the confidence we needed to mount attack after attack. The Riddlesworth team defended well and packed the D but struggled to clear the ball very far. Both teams had many players and managed lots of rotations giving the Moreton Hall players the opportunity to play in two or three positions each.  At half time the score was  7-0.

The second half began in a similar manner and I agreed to swap teams. Moreton Hall still continued to score lots of goals and Riddlesworth managed to score one too, leaving the final score 12-1 to Moreton Hall.

Girl of the game goes to the whole team for their all round outstanding play. Thank you Mrs Konrath for coaching and matron for match tea.

Francesca, Captain of Hockey

U9 netball v Brookes Cambridge & OBH

In the first game we were against Brookes Cambridge. With us winning the first quarter 5-0  we went on to the next quarter determined to score more goals. We were all really proud of ourselves for winning 2-0. In the next match we were playing against OBH. We knew this would be a tough match, but still tried our best. Unfortunately we lost our last game final score was 4-1to OBH. It was an excellent end to our netball season. Thank you to Mrs Fenner for coaching and OBH and Brookes Cambridge for excellent games.

Girl of the game goes to Freya.

Amelia (cpt.)

U13 football v Brookes Cambridge & Riddlesworth Hall

Brookes won the toss and chose to kick off.  The game started very quick for Moreton Hall with me getting the first goal in the first couple of minutes of play followed by another from a free kick and a third from a penalty.  Brookes then took control and scored one, but Ed H. quickly got one back, followed by Brookes scoring another.  Then came the goal of the pre-season so far from Harry, kicking the ball from the halfway line as everyone stopped and looked up, as it slowly found the back of the net.  Our solid defence of Harry, Tristan and Wilf and good goalkeeping from Merlin prevented Brookes from scoring another.  Just at the end from some good passing between Luis, Henry, Ed and I we scored one more to make the final score a 6-2 win for Moreton Hall.

Our next match was against Riddlesworth and again Moreton Hall started off fast with me scoring 3 goals in quick succession. With Ed now in goal, Merlin played up front, he came close to scoring, but didn’t quite manage to get one.  After positive defending from Wilf, Harry and Tristan, Wilf managed to score from the edge of the box. From good link up play from Luis and Henry they both scored one each. The final score was a 6-0 win for Moreton Hall.

Man of the match goes to Harry for the first match for great defending and scoring and to Henry in the second match for good all round play.

Thank you to Mitch for coaching us and for refereeing and to matron for match tea.

Tyler, Captain of Football



U11 football v Brookes Cambridge & Riddlesworth Hall

We had a flying start with myself winning the toss and passing to George who put a through ball into Archie who fired down the wing, crossed to Fraser who, with the outside of his foot, obliterated the goalkeeper. We quickly got the ball again and Archie, for the second time, sprinted down the wing and cut inside to pass to Fraser who again converted.  Exactly the same happened again with Fraser being the hat trick hero!  Fraser then scored a fourth goal but we were caught off guard and their captain put a through ball into our box and unluckily Charlie couldn’t get there in time and their right winger scored.  We then switched on and George lobbed it to Archie who paced down the line but got tackled and we were awarded a corner.  With a fake run from Fraser, George saw an opportunity and took it without a thought.  The final score was 5-1. Thank you Ed for coaching and Riddlesworth for coming. Man of the match goes to Archie for constant successful runs.

Next we had Brookes and we knew this was going to be a harder match but we didn’t let it get to our heads.  We did however go up a gear with me making a run and passing a through ball to Fraser who converted the goal.  Harrison and Ollie were caught off guard when their right wing did a low cross straight through the middle of our defence with Brookes scoring.  After sloppy  mistakes from the defence Brookes scored again.  We had one last attack with Archie running down the wing and a foul.  With only a minute to go we took it quickly and George, with an amazing fake run, passed to me to score but the goalkeeper tipped it over the crossbar leaving the final score 2-1 to Brookes.

Thank you Brookes for coming and Matron for match tea. Thank you Ed for coaching and Brookes and Riddlesworth for creating such a afternoon of football.  Man of the match chosen by Ed was myself, however my man of the tournament was Archie for constant runs down the wing and putting in great crosses.

Ed (cpt.)

U8 football v Brookes Cambridge

We had a nice ride to the school in the bus and when we arrived we got straight into preparing for the match. Brookes won the toss and chose to start.   We found out that they had a very good player on their side who liked to give a hand in the back. George immediately ran down the pitch with the lucky touch and did not lift it off the ground, but it still managed to slot into the goal = 1 nil to MH. We then started but their best player stole the ball, ran down the pitch and it went straight into our goal making it 1 – 1 at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter went well with Ashley turning out with another goal and that was pretty much all that happened in the second quarter, so I am going to leave it there for this section of the game. Finborough then had a mini game with Brookes Cambridge and don’t ask me why as I have no idea and I think I recall the score for Finboroughs victory being 2 – 0.

We then returned to the pitch for the last quarter but one of their players had a second warning of nudging with his hand in the back and it was very lucky that it happened in the box which gave us the advantage of a penalty.  I took the penalty and scored with the ball going in the top bins, 3 – 1 to Moreton Hall. We went up to the halfway line thinking we were still playing on but the ref blew the whistle for full time and that of course is the end of the match.

Thank you to Mr James for coaching and driving the bus as well as Brookes for their hospitality.

George (cpt.)