Sports round up

Posted on Monday, 15th January 2018 in Match Reports

U13A netball v South Lee

We started the first half well quickly taking the lead.  We kept this up with good defending from Linda and Ciara and great attacking from Tilly and Frankie.   We scored a few more goals but unfortunately South Lee did manage to score one goal.  By half time the score was 16-1.  We came back on determined to win.  With excellent play from the whole team and great shooting from Maria and Grace, we managed to score a final goal  as the whistle blew for full time.  Girl of the game goes to Frankie and special mention to the whole team for an excellent start to the season. Thank you to Mrs Fenner for coaching and the kitchen staff for match tea. Final score 31-3 to Moreton Hall Prep.

Frankie (cpt)

U13B netball v South Lee

We started off well with Hermanie passing to Maria, who then passed to Matilda who scored.  Matilda then went on to score 7 more goals.  After that it was Hermanie’s turn and she also scored 7 goals! Then the whistle blew for half time and Mrs Fenner gave us an encouraging team talk  and we came back on raring to go.  We had some good spells in the second half but had to rely on our defence much more.  Izzy and Katie stopped two goals from going in and Olivia played some really nice netball with good passes into out third but South Lee did then manage to score twice but then Matilda and Hermanie scored 7 more goals to make the final score 21-2 to Moreton Hall.

Man of the match goes to the whole team for playing so well in the first game of the season.  Thank you to Mrs Fenner for coaching and the kitchen for match tea.

Zynia (cpt.)

U11 netball v South Lee

We were excited for our first match of the season. I lost the toss and they chose first centre pass. As soon as we started we could tell they were tough opposition but Cece and Lilia did brilliantly to win the ball off them, however even though we were getting the ball into the D we couldn’t get the ball in the goal. South Lee also were struggling to get the ball in the goal but finally just before the end of the first quarter they scored one. The second quarter followed the same pattern as the first with South Lee scoring again right at the end. 

In the third quarter we were doing really well but South Lee managed to sneak in another goal. We then got the ball up to our D and Isabel scored. We kept possession and Olivia then scored again soon afterwards. The final quarter was a much more even game and we each scored two goals making the final score 5 4 to South Lee. Girl of the game goes to Lilia chosen by South Lee, Special mention to Cece for her intercepting skills. Thank you South Lee for match tea and Mrs Bushell for coaching. 

Evie (cpt.)

U9 hockey v South Lee

We got off to a difficult start when, in the first quarter, South Lee scored 3 goals very quickly. Only 2 actually went in, but they were awarded 1 when their coach noticed one was saved by a brick inside our goal.  This was Freya’s first ever time in goal and after this start she did very well. Well done Freya. The first quarter ended and the score was 3-1 to South Lee, our goal was scored by Caris.  In the second quarter Freya made a great save but South Lee scored on the rebound and we scored one goal, making the score at half time 4 – 2 to South Lee. Mrs Taylor gave us an encouraging talk at half time and we were ready to battle hard for the remainder of the match.

By the third quarter we had warmed up (just as it started to rain more heavily, luckily this seemed to put South Lee off). We defended well in the third quarter and conceded no goals. Caris and Amelia scored two more goals bringing the score to 4 – 4.  In the final quarter we played much better as a team. The final score was 6-6, leaving us determined to play like our final quarter in every match. Girl of the game goes to Caris for her goal scoring.  Thank you to South Lee for playing a great match, Mrs Taylor for coaching and to the kitchen for match tea.

Harriet (cpt.)

U12 Boys’ hockey v Barnardiston

We drove to the match in the new minibus and arrived ready in spirit for the match.  We had a quick two minute warm up. I lost the toss and they chose to push off.  We played well at the start tackling and passing exceptionally. Edward H. ran up the side of the pitch and passed to me on the edge of the D. I did a quick 1, 2 and then scored our first of the match.  Soon after I crossed the ball to Olly in the D and he scored.  Tyler then made a great save but ot rebounded to their player and he then scored.  We had a good team talk from Mrs K. and we got back on the pitch.  Soon into the second half I scored off a short corner, then Edward S. scored a great goal.  After this Ben sprinted as fast as he could, got past two players and scored.  Thank you to Mrs K for coaching, Mr James for driving and Barnardiston for match tea.  Man of the match goes to Wilf for great passing and defence.  Special mention to Tyler for great goal keeping, Edward H. and Rory for playing amazingly. A great effort from teh whole team.

Merlin (cpt.)

U9 Tag rugby triangular

Moreton Hall v Barnardiston

We got there with a few hockey and rugby players saying; “Mr. James please can I go for a weeeeeeee!!?” they asked in agony. We got on the pitch soon after they had finished and was ready to win. We started off by me scoring, then me again.  The mud had gone rogue as the rain was lashing down onto the field and I must admit it was fun sliding on the grass! The match ended up being 40-20 to Moreton Hall with me scoring 3, Ash scoring 2, Thomas scoring 2, Josh scoring 1. Well done team.

Moreton Hall v Finborough A

The second match against Finborough was then again, a continuous slip and slide. The match was harder than the first which started off with us going to get a try but did not succeed with Albie ending up running off which made it a turn over ball. Their best man I think his name if I do re call correctly was Atchum Catchum *putting the ball down on our side of the pitch for a try. It was a continuous game of we score, they score, we score they score until the end when it was 35-20 to Finborough which meant a small defeat for us but did not bring us down for the next game.

MHPS try scorers Fayers 2 and Thomas 2.

Moreton Hall v Finborough B

The third match against Finborough second team was a lot better with us starting out with the with the first 6 tags of the game which meant turn over ball. Once again it was a continuous (and yes I know I have used the word continuous 3 times but you can’t blame me as it was literally what happened) game od we score, they score, we score etc as was the last game but this time we managed to hold out and make it a draw with it being 30-30, MHPS try scorers Fayers 2, Thomas 2 and Oliver 2.

Special mention goes to Oliver for great tagging and attempts at running. Thank you to Mr James for driving and coaching and Barnidiston for great hospitality.  And a massive thank you to all those involved in getting our new minibus, its amazing!

Man of the match goes to George chosen by Mr James.