Sports round up

Posted on Monday, 22nd January 2018 in Match Reports

U13 A netball triangular:

Moreton Hall v The Leys

We started of well with quick and accurate passes from Frankie, Pippa and Maria. By half time the score was 13-2 to us, and with an inspirational team talk from Mrs K. we went back on and carried on playing very well with Maria and Grace scoring continuously and Ciara, Pippa and Linda playing fabulously in defence. Unfortunately The Leys managed to pop in 3 more goals before the whistle blew. The final score was 30-6 to us.


Moreton Hall v Old Buckenham Hall

In the first half everyone played very well, scoring 15 goals and thanks to Pippa, Linda and Ciara OBH didn’t manage to score. In the next half of the match we switched around with Matilda playing goal shoot and Ciara and I swapping. We still managed to continue scoring and OBH weren’t able to score. When the whistle blew the score was 36-0 to us. Thank you Mrs K for coaching and OBH for hosting and match tea. Girl of the game goes to Maria and grace for their continuous scoring, at any distance, and special mention to Matilda for playing up in the A’s.

Tilly (cpt)

U13B netball triangular

Moreton Hall v  The Leys

We warmed up with a few netball drills and excercises and then got on the court to play The Leys.  We won the toss and chose first centre pass.  We got off to a weak start with the sun in our eyes in the first half but soon got the hang of it with Matilda scoring a goal and Hermanie scoring four.  They managed to tackle through our defence and they scored three goals. At half time the score was 5-3.  With an inspiring pep talk from Grace we were ready to go back on. I came off and Jessica went on. Our second half was better without the sun in our eyes but we let them slip in a goal. After that we were playing much better and the ball went inot the hoop many times making the final score 16-4 to us.  The girl of the game was Hermanie as chosen by The Leys.

Moreton Hall v OBH

We then had  alittle bit of time off while OBH and The Leys played each other, so we had a practise at shooting and were ready for our toughest competitor OBH.  We won the toss and chose first centre pass and got back on court with high hopes.   Their attack was extremely good but we got the ball and Matilda scored 2 goals.  But then they managed to get the ball and scored. It was the second half and, after an encouraging pep talk from Grace and then Grace S swapping into the team, we started to play really well. Grace scored 7 goals and so at full time the final score was 9-1 to Moreton Hall.  Girl of the game was Grace chosen by OBH. Thank you to Mrs K for driving, and Grace for coaching and OBH for match tea.

Olivia (cpt)

U11 netball v OBH

We won the toss and chose first centre pass.  In the first quarter we were determined to win. We had some quick passes and we scored 2 goals with some good defending from Cece and Abi.  Despite our defending OBH scored 3 goals.  In the second quarter we had a change round of positions, we tried hard but they were still in the lead , we scored 2 goals, they scored 5.  In a difficult third quarter everyone was tired but we all still played hard and scored a goal.  OBH  scored 5 more goals.  In the final quarter after a great team talk from Mrs Fenner we were determined to score some more goals but after all our efforts we only scored 1 and they scored 2. The final score was 6-15 to OBH.

Thank you to Mrs Fenner for coaching and the kitchen for match tea. OBH chose Olivia as girl of the game for her shooting.

U13 football v Brookes Cambridge

We arrived at Brookes and were keen to get underway in the chilly weather.  Brookes won the toss and chose to kick off.  We got off to a rather slow start and it took some time for the first goal to come which came from me after a perfectly paced pass from Henry.  We continued to work hard which was matched by Brookes.  Merlin made some great saves and Harry, Harley and Jameson worked hard in defence as did Tristan and Eric to stop the opposition from scoring.  The midfield created many chances, but we only managed one more goal before half-time which came from a determined run by Ed Harc to give us a 2-0 lead at half-time.

After a quick team talk with Mr James, we started the second half at a much quicker pace and Henry finally scored his first goal of the match!  We started to dominate now and we really put the pressure on their defence and goalkeeper.  Although our defence did slip a bit with Brookes scoring two goals.  Our continued confident attacking play resulted in five more goals coming from Henry, Ed Harc and myself.  Final score was an 8-2 win for Moreton Hall.

A fun match and good all round play from the team – man of the match has to go to Henry for his “never give up” attitude.  Special mention to Harry for strong defending.

Thank you to Mr James for coaching and driving and to Brookes for match tea.

Tyler (Football Captain)

U11 football v Brookes Cambridge

I won the toss and chose to kick off.  We immediately started passing well, stretching their defence which led to our first goal of the match scored by Fraser.  I then dribbled down the pitch and had a shot but it rebounded back to Fraser who scored.  Then it was our corner and I lobbed it to George who volleyed and scored.  the Final score was 4-0.  Special mention to the defence who were rock solid, letting nothing pass them.  Thank you to Brookes Cambridge for inviting us to play.

Ed (cpt.)