Sports round up

Posted on Friday, 9th March 2018 in SPORTS

U13A  netball v Wisbech Grammar & Barnardiston Hall

Our first game was against Wisbech. We won first centre pass and got off to a quick start with Pippa, Ciara and Linda defending very well. We had continuous scoring going on while Wisbech only managed to pop in a few. By half time the score was 16-7 to us. We went back on feeling confident for another successful half: Frankie was excellent, and as well as our fantastic defence, Maria and Grace scored goal after goal for the rest of the game, Wisbech only scoring 2 more. When the whistle blew for full time the final score was 24-11.

We were on again straight after, playing Barnadistan and got off to rough start with alternate scoring between both sides for the first 6 goals, then Grace tripped over and the atmosphere was tense as we waited to see if she could carry one.  Much to ours and Grace’s delight, she came back on and we got back into the flow and began to race ahead and score lots, even though their empire was ripping us to shreds.  Pippa and Ciara made some marvellous interceptions and Linda stuck to her opponent like glue so she couldn’t get the ball!  By half time the score was 17-3 to us. After a beneficial team talk we strode back on for the next half. Frankie was popping out here, there and everywhere then doing some amazing passes into the D for Maria and Grace who could not stop scoring.  Our defence held up very well and only 2 more goals were able to be scored by Barnadistan. When the whistle blew for full time the final score was 30-5 to us.

Thank you to Mrs Fenner for coaching and Matron for match tea. Girl of the game goes to the whole team for faby-funtastic playing, special mention to Maria and Grace for their incredible scoring.

Tilly (cpt)

U13B netabll v Wisbech Grammar & Barnardiston Hall

Our first match was against Wisbech.  There was some great passing from Zynia, Hermanie and Matilda inside the D and the defence stopped many goals.  The final score was 9-10 to Wisbech.  Girls of the game, chosen by Wisbech, goes to Matilda for some great movement.

Our second match was against Barnardiston.  This was a very even match and the final sore was a 5-5 draw.  Girl of the game, chosen by Barnardiston, was myself.  Special mention to Jessica for some great passes.  Thank you Matron for match tea and Grace for umpiring.

U9 girls’ hockey v  Barnardiston Hall

We lost the toss and they chose first centre pass.  We started off well but unfortunately they scored a goal.  Then the whistle blew for half time. Mrs K. gave us an encouraging team talk and we were ready to go again for the next half.  We were determined to score a goal in this half and we were better at spacing out which led to Amelia scoring a goal.  The final score was 1-1. Girl of the gaem goes to Caris, chosen by Barnardiston.  Special mention to the whole team for excellent play, especiallt to Freya in goal.

Harriet (cpt)

U13 football triangular v Finborough & Thetford Grammar (A)

We arrived at Thetford Grammar ready to play in an 11 a side triangular.  We had plenty of time to warm up as first up were Finborough v Thetford Grammar which ended in a 2-1 victory for Thetford Grammar.

Our first match was against Finborough – we started off well with Fraser taking a good shot which came off the keeper straight to Ed Harc who slotted it in.  We continued to keep up the pressure and the score at half time was 1-0 to Moreton Hall.

After an encouraging team talk from Mr Thompson we came out knowing that we had to keep the ball moving because we were playing on such a big pitch.  Good attacking play from Henry, Fraser and Ed S. led to Ed Harc scoring his second goal.  We all continued to work hard and from a corner, and a touch from Fraser, Harry scored the final goal to give Moreton Hall a convincing 3-0 win.

Next up we faced Thetford Grammar which we knew was going to be a hard task after they had beaten Finborough.  The match started really fast with attacking play from both teams eager to get on the scoreboard.  With strong defending from Harry, Wilf, Harrison, Harley and Olly together with some great saves from Merlin we managed to prevent Thetford Grammar from scoring.  Then from good all round team play we managed to score the first goal with a brilliant strike from Fraser to go 1-0 up, this was quickly followed by Ed Harc scoring a perfect header from a corner and I also scored to make it 3-0 at half time.

We came out full of confidence for the second half knowing we just had to continue playing as we had.   After some good passing and really using the pitch to stretch the other team, Fraser scored his second.  Unfortunately, we did let our guard down and Thetford Grammar scored two quick goals, but it ended in a really great 4-2 win for Moreton Hall.

Man of the match goes to Ed Harc for good all round play.  Special mention to Fraser for scoring two goals and for all the U11’s for stepping in and playing so well up against some boys that were nearly double the size of them!

Thank you to Mr Thompson for driving and coaching us and to Thetford Grammar for the match tea.

Tyler (Captain of Football)

U11 football tournament at Finborough School

First we played Oakfield and with a disappointing result lost 3-0. Next up we played Finborough and lost 3-0. Our group standings were Moreton Hall with 2 points, Oakfield with 4 points and Finborough with 9 so we qualified for the plate.

Our first match was against St Joseph’s, earlier in the season we played their U10 team and won 3 -0, now we were playing their U11A team.  Soon into the game St Jo’s were tired and full of mistakes so soon enough Harrison passed the ball to George who saw the space and put a beautifully weighted ball into their box then I nutmegged the keeper and scored. The same happened but with this time it was Fraser who scored. The final score was 2-0.

Now we were edging closer and closer to the plate and were in the semis playing Brookes Cambridge.  Bearing in mind we had played their team earlier in the season and won 6-0, we were confident in winning. With some great play Fraser scored. We lacked in numbers at the back and Brookes had an attack. Ollie had to defend by himself but sadly the score was 1-1 . Suddenly we put our game faces on and quickly George scored. Now everyone apart from the daredevil Fraser was prepared to leave our half and, with seven guys all defending, Brookes couldn’t score.  The final score was 2-1 to us.

Mr Thompson said just win this 12 minutes of football. Unfortunately because we had just gone so defensive we were in the same mood and with no attack we couldn’t score however we did have some great solo runs from Archie and Fraser but they couldn’t convert.  At half time our only hope was to survive 6 minutes of football and win it on penalties.  Kings Ely pushed and pushed us until we couldn’t run.  Their strongest runner shot and with the pace on the ball Harrison missed the block and it was too quick for Rory’s abilities to stop, the final score was 1-0, in the final of the plate meaning we were runners up.

A huge effort from everybody very well done sadly though it didn’t pay off in the last minutes of the tournament. Thank you to Mr James and Mr Thompson for coaching and Finborough for hosting.

Edward S. (cpt)

U8 tag rugby tournament

We got to the playing field of the day, but had a little delay as Ashley had dropped his shoe horn on the way, so we had to go and look but we could not see it.  After a couple of minutes warming up our first match started against Orwell park. We lost the toss as he played a trick on us in the highest number game, (as he went for ten and you can’t actually beat that). They chose to kick off and it was frightening us as we knew from our observations that they were very good!  They straight away came in with a try. But then we came in with me scoring a try, then them, then us, then them, then us, until the game ended. Final score was 8-6 to us. The tries were scored by: Me with 3 Thomas with 3 Ollie with 1 and Ashley with 1. Man of the match: George T.

Second match was against South Lee. We had played this team before so we new some of their weak spots.  I won the toss (only because I stole Orwell Park’s idea and went for ten). I chose to kick off, Ollie came out with a try. And basically (and I wasn’t being lazy) the same thing happened as last time but this time the final score was 9-8 to us. People who scored were Oliver with 4 George T. with 3 and me with 2. Man of the match: Ollie

There were two more matches, both of which were tough. Although there were a few injuries we stuck with it and worked hard as a team. The match against Culford produced a total of 8 tries from us, 3 from Oliver, 3 from George T. and 2 from myself. Man of the match goes Ollie.  The match against Framlingham produced 2 tries from George T., 2 tries from Ollie, 1 try from Sami and 1 try from Ashley. Man of the match: Albie.

George F. (cpt)