Sports round up

Posted on Thursday, 15th March 2018 in SPORTS

U13 football v Thetford Grammar

I won the toss and chose to kick off.  After playing Thetford Grammar only last week we knew what a good team we were facing.  During the first half there were plenty of opportunities for both teams to get on the scoresheet.  The opposition had the wind behind them really testing our defence of Harry, Harley, Wilf, Jameson and Tristan.  With Merlin making some really good saves in goal we managed to keep a clean sheet in the first half so it was 0-0 at half-time.

After an inspiring team talk from Mr James we came out for the second half full of determination as did Thetford Grammar who slipped through our defence to score the first goal.  We fought back hard and after some great passing between Henry, Ed Harc and I, Ed Harc managed to get the equaliser with a great strike.  Although we all continued to work hard as a team, Thetford Grammar scored 2 more goals.  With minutes left in the game, I was awarded a penalty which I scored.  Unfortunately the whistle then went for full time so the match ended in a 3-2 win for Thetford Grammar.

Man of the match goes to Harley for being a rock in defence.  Special mention to the whole team for a great team effort making it a very close game.  Thank you to Mr James for coaching and refereeing and to matron for match tea.

Tyler, Captain of Football

U11 football v St Felix

I lost the toss and they chose to start. With quick play and solid defence we were pushing St Felix back and soon came our first goal with Archie making a run, but then passing to me who scored. St Felix now were pushing back at us but it took them a whole third to find their goal with a top corner free kick to make the score 1-1.  St Felix had an attack down the left wing and took it back inside and scored. We knew we had to score two goals within the last third of the game. We had done it before in previous matches and we weren’t planning to stop now. Fraser ran with the ball and crossed to me who scored, but this time in the bottom corner.   Archie, George and Fraser all had runs but it was Archie who was next to score with an excellent goal, chipping the keeper.  St Felix tried for a come back but then Fraser scored which sealed the game. Final score was 4-2 to Moreton Hall.

Thank you to Mr Thompson for driving and St Felix for match teas.  Man of the match goes to George for controlling the centre of the pitch.

Ed (cpt)

U11 Swimming Gala

The gala was held at Bury Leisure Centre and there were 10 teams.  The boys team was Ed, Rory, George and I and the girls team was Evie, Abi, Elizabeth and Jemima.  We warmed up getting used to the irritating temperature of the pool! There were four races; front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and the medley. First Ed did the breaststroke and came 5th, then George did backstroke and came 3rd and I did front crawl and came 2nd. Then Jemima came 5th in the backstroke, then Evie d breaststroke and came 5th. The last race was ther medley and you had to do backstroke, breaststroke, front crawl and then front crawl again. Both the boys and the girls came 5th.  Thank you to Mr James for coaching and drivng us.  Well done to all the team for taking part.


U13B netball tournament at OBH

Our first match was against Riddlesworth Hall.  We started off well with sme good passes from Ciara and Zynia leading to Matilda and myself scoring 2 goals but unfortunately Riddlesworth managed to get 1 goal in.  We fought back and with some good passes Matilda and myself managed to get 3 more goals leaving the final score 5-1 to Moreton Hall.

Our next match was against OBH.  We knew that this would be a hard match but we were determined to win! We started off well with some good defence from Issy leading to Matilda and myself scoring 2 goals each but OBH fought back and managed to score 2 goals but we were determined to win, so everyone tried their best and we managed to score 1 more leaving the final score 5-2 to Moreton Hall.

We then played OBH B.  We had great passing in attack and the final score was 5-1 to us.

Our 4th match was against Holmwood House.  It was a tough but pretty close game.  The scorewas 4-6 to Moreton Hall.

Our final match was against Orwell Park. We knew that this was going to be a hard game but we played extremely well and the score was 2-2.

In the end we came 3rd out of 6 schools. Girl of the game goes to the whole team for excellent play.  Thank you to OBH for hosting and match tea and to Mrs K for driving and umpiring.  A great end to the netball season!

Hermanie (cpt)

U11 netball v St Felix

Our first match was against St Felix A.  We lost the toss and they chose the end they wanted to shoot. We knew it was going to be a tough match but we were going to play our hardest. The cold was getting to us but we pulled through and scored one goal.  St felix kept intercepting the ball and it was hard to get the ball into the D.  It was their centre pass, our defence was good, but unfortunately they scored 2 goals.  In the last half we tried to score with some wonderful passing from Cece, Amelia, Jemima and Lilia leading us to score 2 goals from Olivia. St felix then passed the ball down the court and scored 3 more goals.  The final score was 5-3 to them.  Girl of the game goes to Cece for her excellent interceptions and defending.

Our next match was against St Felix B. We won the toss and chose first centre pass. We were determined to win because we were playing their B team. In the first half we started passing the ball down to teh D and Issy scored our first goal. It was their first centre pass but Cece got the ball from St Felix and we scored 3 more goals.  We put lots of effort in, with the whole team working hard to get the ball back and scoring 8 more goals from Issy and Olivia.  In the last half, and after an inspiring team talk from Mrs Bushell we played well.  We had good passing from teh whole team with Olivia and Issy scoring again.  The final score was 20-0 to Moreton Hall. Girl of the game goes to Issy for her amazing shooting.

Thank you Mrs Bushell for coaching and St Felix for match tea.

Abi & Evie