Sports round up

Posted on Thursday, 26th April 2018 in SPORTS

U13 boys’ tennis v Old Buckenham Hall (A)

We arrived feeling ready knowing that this would be a big mountain to climb in our title defence.

Our first three matches gave us a good advantage with wins from Merlin, Harry and Tyler and myself.  Merlin’s win was a more convincing with a 6-3 win whereas Tyler, Harry and myself  won tiebreaks.  With us knowing that we only needed one win to take the match it was still very tense at the halfway point.  To everyone’s relief Merlin and myself eased to a gentle 6-1 doubles win.  This was then followed by a brilliant 6-0 victory from Tyler, and despite a late surge, Harry unluckily lost to his opponent.

The final score was 10-2 to Moreton Hall.  Man of the match goes to the whole team for leaving it all out on court and giving their best always.

Wilf, Captain of Tennis

 U11 girls’ Kwik cricket v Fairstead House (H)

I lost the toss and they chose to field first. Due to Abi somehow having a nose bleed she couldn’t play.  Serafina and I were first to bat and we got 11 runs.  They got out but managed to score 1 run which took our total to 207. Then we lost 12 runs. Amelia and Avni got 1 run to get us to 196. Evie and Jemima were last to bat but they lost 3 runs. At the end of the innings our total was 193.

Then it was Fairsted’s turn to bat. They were doing some amazing hits but they kept on getting out. We got them out 8 times. We couldn’t finish the innings because it started hailing so we don’t know who won. In the end Fairsted got 191 runs. Girl of the game goes to Evie and Amelia for some incredible hits.

Thank you to Mrs Taylor for coaching.

Lilia (cpt)

U13 rounders v The Leys (A)

We lost the toss and The Leys chose to field.  We started off well with Grace scoring a rounder followed by Frankie scoring a rounder and Maria scoring a half.  Our innings ended with everyone scoring a rounder or a half rounder.  The it was The Leys turn to bat and we knew that we had to keep our fielding tight.  We fielded really well so that at the end of the innings The Leys had only scored 2½ rounders.

Going into the second innings we were really confident and determined to win the game.  Our batting was consistent as the whole team scored at least half a rounder. Then it was our turn to field again.  We did not start off well as they scored a rounder and they carried on scoring but we turned it around and we caught two players out and then got another out with great team work.  The innings ended and we celebrated our great success as we deserved this victory.

Final score was Moreton Hall 19½ and The Leys 10½.  Man of the match goes to the whole team for putting in lots of effort and playing amazingly.  Special mention to Maria R. for scoring her first rounder!

Zynia, Captain of Rounders

U13 1st XI cricket v South Lee (A)

I won the toss and chose to bat first.  After a short warm up Harry and Ben went out onto the pitch.  They batted very well and Harry scored 92 and Ben scored 36. I went in with 3 overs to go and then Tyler came in for the last.  I scored 29 and Tyler 5. We finished on 177.  After heavy rain on and off we finally went on to field.  We bowled and fielded well with 3 wickets and 33 runs before the match was cancelled. Well played to the whole team, man of the match goes to Harry for an amazing 92 and special mention to Antoine, Tristan and Eric for playing well in their first ever cricket match.

Thank you to Mr James for coaching and driving and South Lee for match tea.

Merlin, Captain of Cricket