Sports Round Up

Posted on Friday, 11th May 2018 in SPORTS

U9 Boys’ Kwik Cricket v South Lee

On Wednesday 11th May we finally got the season underway with a short trip to South Lee. I lost the toss and was sent in to bat. We posted a decent total of 278 with three of our pairs scoring over 20 runs; George and Oliver 26, Sami and Herbie 28, Ashley and I 20.

We now needed to defend our total by bowling straight and not giving away any unnecessary extras.  Their opening pair were very good and got to 237 after 4 overs.  This placed them in a good position and put some pressure on us.  We started to panic in the field andour bowling was erratic which led to South Lee passing our score in the 2nd last over.  The final score was 278 to Moreton Hall and 281 to South Lee.

Well done to all, especially the few who played their first ever cricket match.  Thank you to Mr James for umpiring, parents for supporting and South Lee for match teas.

George F. (cpt)

U9 Girls’ Cricket v South Lee

We won the toss and chose to bat first.  We started off well with some good batting from Caris and Saskia who scored 2 boundries of 4 runs each.  We scored a total of 45 runs and the rest of the team batted well.

It was then our turn to field.  Harriet got a wicket and Amelia almost managed to catch somebody out in the backstop position.  Unfortunately South Lee were very strong at batting and each pair managed to score a boundary of 4.  There were also 3 boundries of 6!  We need to practise our fielding and bowling!

The final score was 206 runs to South Lee and 145 to us.  Girl of the game was Ivy picked by South Lee and Harriet was girl of the game chosen by Moreton Hall. Thank you to Mrs Bushell for coaching and South Lee for match tea.

U11 Boys’ Cricket v Culford

Culford won the toss and decided to bowl first.  Ben and Charlie opened the batting against strong bowling from from Culford. Ed and George followed, with Ed scoring two 4s. Ed and I clsoed the innings not out, with Moreton Hall finishing on 70 runs.

Moreton Hall fielded well in their first U11s match this season.  Ben ran their number 2 batsman out, I took two wickets for no runs and Fraser caught out their fifth batsman.  Culford finished on 74 runs from 10 overs.

Man of the match goes to Ed for the highest run score.  Thank you to Mr Thompson for coaching and Matron for match tea.

Oliver H. (cpt)