Sports Round Up

Posted on Thursday, 7th June 2018 in SPORTS

U13 Boys v Glebe House

I lost the toss and they chose to field first.  Harry and I got off to a good start with a partnership of around 60 before Harry was bowled out.  Tyler and I kept the run rate going for the majority of the game.  I retired on 102 and Tyler and Ed finished off the batting with Tyler getting 59 not out and Ed getting 10 not out.  We ended our batting on 221 for 1.

After a quick tea we went out to field.  Mr James decided that every person should have two overs each.  Tyler got 1 wicket, I got 2, Wilf got 2, and Grace and Fraser both got 1.

Thank you to Mr James for coaching and the cooks for match tea. Moreton Hall won by 159 runs.  Well played to the whole team for a good win.  Man of the match goes to Silvio for great bowling and for his first ever cricket match.

Merlin, Captain of Cricket

U11 Boys v Brookes Cambridge

We won the toss and chose to bowl first.  Brilliant bowling from the whole team kept Brookes score low and they finished on 199.  With Louis taking 2, Archie taking 1, Ollie taking 1, Ben taking 2 and Ed taking 1 and Fraser taking a catch it was a good innings.

After the break Fraser and Charlie opened the batting.  The whole team played well including Louis scoring 4 4s and the team scored 307 runs in total.

Final score was 307-199.  Man of the match goes to Archie for some good bowling.  Thank you to Mr Thompson to coaching and driving.

U11 Boys v Fairstead House

Fairstead won the toss and bowled first.  We batted well with Ben and Fraser opening and Ben scoring his first ever century.  Moreton Hall finished on 194 runs for 20 overs.

Archie and Harrison opened the bowling for Moreton Hall and we all bowled well with most of us taking a wicket.  Fairstead finsihed on 38 runs. A convincing win for us.

Thank you to Mr Thompson for coaching and Matron for match tea.  Man of the match goes to Ben for brilliant batting.

U9 Girls’ Cricket v Ipswich High

We didn’t start off well with Saskia and Harriet scoring a -5 in the batting.  The Amelia and Clemmie scored some runs.  The other team did a lot of good bowling which enabled us to score lots of runs.  Then it was our turn to bowl.  We didn’t do very well and gave the other team a lot of runs.  Then Amelia stumped someone out.

Final score: Moreton Hall 243, Ipswich high 249

Girl of the game goes to Amelia for stumping someone out.

U9 Girls’ Cricket v Brookes Cambridge

We lost the toss and they chose to bat.  We went on to field and had a very good start with Clemmie bowling someone out and Amelia and Caris both catching people out.  We went on to bat and Saskia and Harriet started us off with some 6s and then Caris scored a 6 too.

Thank you to Brookes Cambridge for match tea and girl of the game goes to Caris with a special mention to Roxy for scoring her first 6.  The final score was Moreton Hall 246, Brookes 252.

U9 Girls v Fairstead House

We won the toss and chose to field first. They got some good hits but just then I caught somebody out. Then it was our turn to bat.  Saskia got some 4s.  Amelia and Clemmie got 16 including some 4s and then Immy and I got some 6s and some 4s. Through out the game there were some 6s and 4s scored.

The final score was 229-239 to Moreton Hall. Special mentions to the whole team for some good bowling today. Girl of the game goes to Freya as chosen by Fairstead House.


U9 Boys v Brookes Cambridge

This match was plyed away at Brookes.  We lost the toss and they chose to bat first.  We started off well with Ollie and George T. bowling first with their bigger hitters on to bat first, they got quite a lot of 4s, in fact they got five 4’s and two 6s.  After that we moved on to pair two with Josh and Herbie bowling.  They did some good bowling with Herbie doing some over arm and then some underarm.  They had three dot balls, four 4s and 5 runs.  Next was Albie and Sami. They gave away six runs and three no balls.  We then moved on to the last pair but as Brookes were a player short they had to bring one of their players on for a second time who just so happenmed to be their best player.  They score a lot of points against us! Their final score was 396 runs.

After we had a quick drink and a snack it was our turn to bat.  We started off well  with Ollie and George T batting first with a few wides and a lot of 4s from George T.. Next was Josh and Herbie.  There were quite a lot of dot balls, a wicket from them, a wide, a boundary and one run.  Soon after that we had Albie and Sami.  We played extremely well with us getting two 4s, 3 dot balls and three runs and another 4.  Myself and Ash were up next.  Ash gave some big hits giving us the opportunity of getting lots of points.  Our final score was 305 runs.

We played quite well but I think we definitely need to improve on stopping the balls getting out of the boundary, there were a lot of balls going through peoples legs!

Thank you to Brookes for hosting and providing refreshments.  Thank you to Mr Loft for awesome coaching.  Man of the match goes to Sami for getting his first wicket.

George F.