Sports Round Up

Posted on Thursday, 20th September 2018 in SPORTS

U13A girls v Glebe House

We won the toss and I chose first centre pass. We started off well with some great passes down the right hand side, but unfortunately we lost the ball and Glebe Houses’ captain scored an amazing goal.  After some really good defence from Linda and Jess we managed to get the ball back and had a shot at goal, but unfortunately their goal keeper stopped it. Then the whistle blew for half time.

After a healthy snack of oranges, and an inspiring team talk from Mrs Konrath, we went back on feeling encouraged to give 100 percent. We had some brilliant passes from Chessy and a great shot at goal from Matilda, Linda and myself but unfortunately Glebe House managed to score another goal.

Thank you to Mr Thompson for driving us, Mrs Konrath for coaching and Glebe House for match tea. A special well done to the whole team for an amazing performance, as it was the first time in ages that we had played all together. Final score: 2-0 to Glebe House

Girl of the game chosen by Glebe House was myself, but special mention to Linda for great defending and some good shots at goal.

Katie, Captain of Hockey

U13 boys v Brookes and Thetford Grammar

We arrived at Brookes ready for the first game of the season meeting Glebe House, our partners in the match.  We started the match well with four early tries from me and another from Archie.  We put in some big tackles and had good rucking from Harrison.  In the second quarter Brookes and Thetford pushed hard and were getting close to scoring but we didn’t concede any tries.  In the last quarter we got back into our rhythm with Joel from Glebe scoring for us as well as myself.  Brookes and Thetford were trying hard now but we held them off numerous times.  The final and eighth try came from Luis.  the final score was 40:0. Man of the match goes to Luis for good tackling and running.

Harley, Captain of Rugby

U11 A v Dame Bradbury

We won the toss and chose to start off with the ball. They managed to get the ball but Amelia W. and Cece got the ball and cleared it into our shooting D and scored our first goal. Then they started off with the ball and unfortunately scored despite Amelia W’s excellent goal keeping. Then the whistle blew  for half time. The score was 1-1.  We all had a drink and listened to Mrs Taylor’s encouraging team talk.  A few people swapped positions and we were all ready to go back on, determined to win.

They started off with the ball but we managed to get it off them and Sairsore scored a goal. Cece and Amelia W.’s amazing defending led to me scoring two more goals. Final score: 4-1 to Moreton Hall Prep.

Girl of the game: Jemima and Serafina, chosen by Dame Bradbury. Our girl of the game was Cece.

Amelia & Harriet

U11 boys v Glebe House

We arrived at Glebe House after a long journey and played under 10 rules. I won the toss and chose to start with the ball as there is no kicking.  Our passing was good so Fraser made a breakthrough and scored our first try whihc gave us some good motivation. Quickly after we got the ball in hand and Fraser scored again. With great defending from Noah, Aidan, George F. and George H. we managed to pass the ball out to Ben who ran and scored. Then quickly after, Ben scored again followed by Matthew after our break and an inspiring team talk from Mr Thompson. Then I scored. After this our concetration dipped and they managed to score five tries. We regainde our concentration and scored again but then they slipped through and scored one last try. Thank you Mr Thompson for coaching and driving and Glebe House for match tea.

Final score 35:30 to Moreton Hall Prep.  Man of the match goes to Fraser for great running and tackling.

Louis, captain.

U9 girls v Finborough

We won the toss and chose first centre pass.  We were doing really well but Finborough won the ball, we won it back and shot a goal.  After the first quarter we were really hot but we went back on stronger and scored a goal in the third quarter.  Both teams were strong and scored a goal but in the end the final score was 3-1 to us.

Girls of the game go to Caris and Ivy for scoring two goals.  Thank you to Mrs Konrath for coaching and Mr James for driving.

U9 boys v Finborough

Finborough won the toss and let us kick off first.  They scored 1 goal quickly in the first half and 2 other goals after that. In the second half Finborough kicked off and scored another 4 goals. Moreton Hall scored 1 goal.

The final score was 7-1 to Finborough.  Thank you Mr James for coaching us and taking us to the match. Joint man of the match goes to Albie and Ollie.