Sports Round Up

Posted on Thursday, 27th September 2018 in SPORTS

U11 girls hockey tournament

Our first match was against OBH. I won the toss and we started off with the ball. It was a very even match but CeCe managed to sweep the ball out the D and Saoirse scored a goal. The final score was 1-0 to Moreton Hall. Girl of the game was Saoirse for scoring our goal.

We had a rest then went on to play our next match against Orwell Park. We knew this match would be very tough. We won the toss and started off with the ball. Unfortunately they got the ball and scored but it was a very close game. Final score was 1-0 to them. Girl of the game was the whole team for excellent working together.

Then we played against The Perse. They started off with the ball and despite Amelia W.’s amazing goalkeeping they scored. They tried to score several more times but Amelia stopped them all. Final Score was 1-0 to them. Girl of the game was AmeliaW. for amazing goalkeeping.

Our final match was against Holmwood House. We were determined to win our last game. They started off with the ball but we tackled off them and Jemima scored a goal. Final score was 1-0 to us. Girl of the game was CeCe for her excellent defending.

Well done to Caris for playing in the U11 team. Thank you to Mrs K and Grace for coaching. We did really well as the other schools were much bigger than ours.

In the end we came 3rd out of our group. Mrs K thinks we came about 8th out of 16 schools.

Amelia and Harriet

U11 rugby v Brookes and Fairstead House

We started off against Brookes determined to win.  We started well with myself scoring a try, then Ben scoring straight after.  Then Louis scored two followed by Ben scoring another and Matthew finishing to make it 6-2 to us.

Our second match was against Fairstead.  We won the toss and chose to kick.  With some great tackling we got the ball and Fraser made a break and scored. With an inspiring team talk from Mr Thompson the second half began and we tried to hold our line but unfortunately they broke through and scored. After that it was very even with both teams tackling  but the whistle for the end of the match.  The final score was 1-1.  Thank you Mr Thompson for driving and coaching and Brookes for hosting and match tea. Man of the match goes to George H. for amazing tackles.

Fraser and Louis