Sports round up!

Posted on Friday, 6th October 2017 in Match Reports

U13 rugby v Brookes Cambridge

We got to Brookes Cambridge ready to play.  We started off fast with Edward getting a try closely followed by Wilf, Harley, Henry, Jameson and myself scoring one try each.  They then ran down the wing and scored.  Then Eric scored his first try of the season and Tristan, thinking it was American football, threw the ball down on the try line.  Just before half-time Tyler scored two tries.  After an inspiring team talk from Mr James we were ready for the next half.  The second half was a similar story to the first with Luis and Tristan scoring their first tries of the season and Brookes Cambridge scoring another one.  After that Merlin and myself each scored one and Tyler and Edward scored two.  Just before the end of the match Luis and Trsitan both scored another each. Thank you to Mr James for coaching and Brookes Cambridge for match tea.

Man of the match goes to Harley for some great tackling and running.

Harry, Captain of Rugby

U11 hockey v OBH and Ipswich High

Match 1 v OBH

We started off really well, with some great passes and everybody was working together as a team. Olivia held the centre well and the newly formed defence with Cece joining me and Lilia stopped OBH from getting near the goal. However special mentions goes to Amelia in goal for saving some exceptionally good short corners from OBH. Great teamwork resulted in a 0-0 draw.

Player of the game chosen by OBH was Amelia in Goal, my player of the game was Cece.


Match 2 v Ipswich High

Right from the start we were the better team with great passing from left to right and switching play. Evie in the centre was like a terrier chasing her cousin on the opposition down!! Lilia behind her in centre defence drove forwards knowing she had me and Cece to cover and managed to score fairly early on. Myself, Chess, Jemima and Evie all had some shots on goal but just couldn’t get it in.  Annoyingly Ipswich scored within the last two minutes to equalize. Final score was 1-1. Girls of the game was Evie.

Abigail (cpt)

U8 football v OBH

We started off with the PPII’s getting used to their positions, then when the ref blew the whistle to start we were passing down the pitch and Ashley saw an opportunity and planted the ball in the net and there in the first 15 seconds was our first goal of the season.  We set a target for ourselves and that was 3-0.  As soon as I said that George came in with a bottom bins goal and made us go up to 2-0 nil and then it was half time.  After a rousing team talk we then started to notice that Ollie was having a lot of trouble with their biggest player so we sent Sami in to help him and it got a lot easier.  After my shot that hit the post we managed to keep it down their side of the pitch and pass it to George who scored our final goal of the match and then 2 seconds later we got the whistle for half time. Final score was 3-0 to Moreton Hall. Man of the match goes to the two Murfet boys, Ashley for his striking and Albie for some excellent saves in goal.

George F. (cpt)

U8 football v Finborough

Before the match we were looking at the opposition warming up and we were lulled into a false sense of victory. People say ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ and as soon as we started they dominated, scoring a good goal early on in the match.  This pattern continued sadly for the duration of the game. However, Moreton Hall U8’s never thought of giving up but it proved difficult to overcome or catch up with the Finborough goal scoring machine.  As a team we will put this match down in our ‘done and dusted files’ and leave it the drawer. We can only improve now and look forward to our next match. Final score 10-0 to Finborough. Man of the match goes to Ollie for always playing at his best and passing very accurately.

George F. (cpt)

U9A netball v Framlingham Prep

In the first quarter we did some excellent spacing out but unfortunately Framlingham still scored a couple of goals.  Then Mrs K. gave us an encouraging team talk and we went into the second quarter still feeling positive.  In the second quarter we all tried our hardest but they still managed to score a couple more goals.  In the third quarter we did some really excellent defending which stopped them scoring anymore goals.  In the final quarter I almost scored but unfortunately just missed. They scored their final goal.  We were disappointed that we lost but determined to win our next game. Finals core 7-0 to Framlingham Prep. Girl of the game goes to Saskia as chosen by Framlingham Prep.

Amelia (cpt.)

U9B netball v Framlingham Prep & Brookes Cambridge

Our first match was against Brookes Cambridge.  At the start our passes weren’t very accurate but after some encouraging words from Steph we got better. We scored the first goal but they then equalised.  After some great passing we scored our second and final goal. Final score was 2-1 to Moreton Hall.

We then played a game against Framlingham Prep.  They were very tall and we really needed to play our best. The match was very even but they managed to score a goal.  The final score was 1-0 to them.  Thank you to Steph for coaching. Girl of the game goes to Freya for her excellent passing.

Imogen (cpt.)