Sports round up

Posted on Monday, 16th October 2017 in Match Reports

U13 hockey v Culford School

We knew this was going to be a tough match and so we had practised our game plan in our lessons and within 5 minutes of the first half Tashy had scored our first goal.  Culford then came back strong to score a goal which was shortly followed by another.  Just before the whistle blew for half time Tashy managed to score again. Half time score was 2-2.

After a lecture about how we should be playing from Mrs K. we went back on stronger then before.  Zynia, Tashy and Tilly made some decisive runs which resulted in a goal from Zynia.  With some amazing tackles from Maria and Pippa they managed to pass the ball up to Tashy who had positioned herself well to the left of the goal and smashed it into the back of the net.  Culford then made an excellent run which resulted in them scoring another goal.  We still held our heads high and passed well in both attack and defence creating space for Zynia to be able to carefully place her shot to beat their very agile keeper. Final score was 5-3 to Moreton Hall. Girl of the game goes to Maria for her amazing tackles in defence.  Special mention to Tashy for her whopping three goals.

Francesca, Captain of Hockey

U13 rugby v Culford School

After Culford arrived we all walked onto the pitch ready to play.  I won the toss and chose to recieve and, after some good passing, I opened the score by barging through their defence. Soon after Edward made a good run and scored.  After some great tackling I managed to score one more before half time.  The score at half-time was Moreton Hall 15, Culford 0.  After some great words from Mr James we were excited for the second half.  We started off with Luis putting in a bone crunching tackle on one of their biggest players.  This tackle was followed by myself scoring a try.  Sadly Harley then had to go off having aggrevated an old shoulder injury and they seized the opportunity of us being a player down and scored.  Then Edward was given the ball and he made an amazing run through their defence and scored.  Now Culford looked determined to score and with some quick hands out to the wing they scored another. At this point it would have been very hard for Culford to win the match and we saw out the match with Tyler scoring a try.  The final score was Moreton Hall 30 – Culford 10.  Rather than single out anyone player, man of the match goes to the whole team for putting in some great tackles and passes. Thank you Mr James for coaching and Matron for match tea.

Harry, Captain of Rugby

U11 Culford Hockey Festival

There were six teams split between two groupings. We were drawn with Culford Prep and St Felix As.

Match 1 – MH vs Culford Prep. 12 mins one way of hard hockey from the start. However, it was a very even game with neither team scoring and MH defence didn’t let Culford even get a short corner. We played really well and drew 0-0.

Match 2 – MH vs St Felix As– From the start we were by far the better team. We pushed up high and Lilia managed to pass two defenders and swept the ball beautifully passed the St Felix Goalie. We also managed to have two short corners, but just couldn’t convert them.  The result was MH 1 – St Felix As 0.

This annoyingly meant we were joint top in our group and in order to decide who would play in the 1st / 2nd positions play off we had to have a shuffle competition!!! One player against the Goalie, starting 10 metres outside top of the D and you have 10 seconds to take the ball in and score!!! Sadly despite all efforts we lost to Culford by 1!! It was very dramatic for both spectators and us as players!!

The result meant we had to play for 3rd and 4th position against South Lee (who came 2nd in their Grouping). What a game! Probably the best we have all played but were very tired and it was just unfortunate that their best player scored a lovely top D goal minutes from the end.
The final positioning meant we came 4th out of 6 teams BUT everyone was proud as we realised we drew 0-0 in our first game, and only lost out through the horrible shuffles, to the overall winner Culford Prep.

My player of the tournament was Lilia in defence and for her pushing forward to score the only goal with a sore leg!!! Special mention to Mr Geach for his support and bribery with money for each goal scored or saved!!
Abigail (cpt)

U11 Culford Rugby Festival

The first match was against St Joseph’s College which we drew thanks to a last minute try.  In the second match we were determined to win and thanks to excellent play from the whole team we won 1-0.  In our next game we drew with Ipswich School.

We had a bye in the next round and managed to have a rest and some water while we watched our next opposition, Dame Bradbury. Unfortunately we started to get tired and lost the games by 2 tries to nil.  The next game was against St Felix who were an excellent team and beat us 2 tries to nil.

Finally we played the hosts, Culford who were just too strong for us.  They were unbeaten in the festival and beat us 3-0.

Man of the tournament goes to Edward with a special mention to George for excellent play. Thank you Mr Thompson for coaching and driving.

Harrison (cpt)

U8 football v St Joseph’s

When we got to the opposition’s pitch we found out it was quite a lengthy pitch and goalkeeper Albie had quite a long way to go in the box!  We started with the ball and at first we huddled together but then Ollie soon spaced out and set an example for the rest.  Ollie got the ball from a throw in and passed it to George T. who dribbled a bit and then got in the box and had a shot at goal. Sure enough he booted it into the back of the net.  After an inspiring team talk from Mr James we went down to the other side from last time and they started with the ball. One of them did quite a weak pass and so Ash was able to have a go at goal but unfortunately missed.  After the goal kick we then managed to deflect the ball before it could get anywhere near our half of the pitch and George then had a shot but sadly he messed up the position of his foot and it went off the far right.

After an enthusiastic team talk from Mr James we went on and straight away George T. got an amazing set-up from Ollie and shot and scored.  After the mid Ollie received the ball from Ash and did a few skills but didn’t quite manage to get far enough down pitch and instead got tackled by one of their big guys who then booted it down the pitch to Albie who picked it up and rolled into Josh who sadly accidentally kicked it off and that was the end of the game. Final score was 2-0 to Moreton Hall.

Man of the match goes to George for some excellent striking at goal. Special mention to Ollie for amazing spacing on the pitch. Thank you to Mr James for driving and awesome coaching and St Joseph’s for great hospitality.

George F. (cpt)

U8 football v Old Buckenham Hall

We got there thinking in our minds of a possible and wonderful win and well,  we certainly were right! Before we started we had a little peak at their forestry school which was pretty cool but anyway I thought this was a football report!

We started with the ball and with Ollie in mid, me on the left wing, Ash on right wing, George in center defence, Sami in right defence Josh in left defence and Ben playing sweeper. Ollie passed the ball to Ash who dribbled but kicked it out by accident so Josh picked it up and threw it back on, then Ollie got the ball but got tackled by left defence and it went out for a corner that Ash took and it went to Ollie who shot and scored. When OBH kicked the ball to start straight away Ashley tackled their attacker and made a ridiculously amazing run and shot and scored a fantastic goal. Then Ollie did that again and then again and then again and then it was half time with Moreton Hall being 4 goals in front and feeling pleased with their performance.

We then had a drink and a team talk from Mr. James and went back on for the second half. OBH kicked off with the ball and then passed to their biggest guy who made a run down the pitch slipped through our defence took a shot at goal but we were saved by what I think was Albie testing our luck, he turned around as the ball hit his foot and span in the air, then hit Albies bottom and missed the goal – great save Albie.

We then took the ball and went on to score two more good goals which were scored by Ash and Ollie. We finished the game with a successful end and went off very happy and merrily on the bus back to school. We are all very pleased with how it is going so far.

George F. (cpt)