Sports round up

Posted on Saturday, 21st October 2017 in Match Reports

U11B hockey v Riddlesworth Hall

Moreton Hall dominated the game and had most of the play throughout. Going into half time with a 2-0 lead, both scored by Isabel, was very exciting.  The second half was very similar to the first half with the away side having all of the play. In fact, I, the goalkeeper, didn’t touch the ball for the whole game.  The final score was 2-0 to Moreton Hall.  The game was expertly refereed by Mrs Bushell and well supported by the parents of Moreton Hall.  Girl of the game goes to Jemima,  chosen by Riddlesworth, but my choice was Isabel for super scoring.

Amelia W (cpt)

U9A netball v Old Buckenham Hall

At the end of the first quarter OBH were winning.  However, this made us all even more determined to play our best.  We made sure we spaced out well, and there was some excellent passing and defending, resulting in us scoring one goal in the second quarter. At half time they were still winning.  Mrs K gave us a motivational team talk and we all tried even harder in the next half.  There was some amazing play, bringing us into the lead.  We continued to do well in the final quarter and scored more goals, meaning we won the game. Final score: 8-6 to Moreton Hall.  Girl of the game was Rachel for scoring goals in her first match in the A team.

Amelia H-Y (cpt)

U8 football v Glebe House

We went out to the field thinking of what they would be like as, the reason is, we had never played them and so didn’t know what to expect. We started warming up by just kicking the ball back and forth until the opposition got to where we were. We started playing well but then their number 10 slammed as well as a barge through our defence and planted it into the back of the net and made their team move up to 1-0.  Ashley then stopped him for a while but then Ashley forgot about him and their goalkeeper from a recent goal kick smashed it to the number 10 who had nobody on that side of the pitch and so had a clean run at goal and smacked it to the back of the net. After that, he kind of, I guess, was just in the perfect position really. He got the ball, he ran down the pitch, he cleaned up his chances, shot, and scored and that was the end of the first half.

In the second half it was kind of just a cleanup for us. Although we were hit by one more goal we then intercepted the ball and managed to get the mop out and clean up by scoring 2 more goals. Despite these two goals, we weren’t able to get ahead of the opposition. Sadly we were defeated by a team who had the edge due to a skilled and much bigger player.  Final score was 4-2 to Glebe House.

Thank you to Mitch for coaching and the cooks and matron for match tea. Man of the match goes to George T for excellent spacing and shooting. Special mention to Ollie for consistently great skills on the pitch.

George F (cpt.)

U13 rugby v Glebe House and Barnardiston Hall

Moreton Hall v Glebe House

I won the toss and chose to receive.  We started off the match quickly with Wilf and myself both scoring tries.  After some good tackling, annoyingly they managed to score two tries.  After that we started to get into the match and Tyler scored two tries and I managed another.  Just before thw whistle blew for full time they manged to break through our defence and score. Final score Moreton Hall 25 – Glebe House 15.

Moreton Hall v Barnardiston

I lost the toss and Barnardiston chose to receive.  After we out in some great tackles we managed to turn the ball over and Tyler scored.  They then managed to come back and score two. We now started putting in our tackles and spreading the ball out wide. This lead to Tristan scoring two tries.  Barnardiston were not happy about this and just before the end of the match they scored two tries.  Final score Moreton Hall 15, Barnardiston 20.

Thank you to Mr James for coaching and Matron for match tea.  Man of the match goes to Edward for putting in some great tackles.  Special mention to Tristan for scoring two tries on his birthday!

Harry, Captain of Rugby