Sports round up

Posted on Friday, 17th November 2017 in Match Reports

U11A rugby v The Abbey

I won the toss and chose to receive. We started off well with an excellent run from Archie who scored a try in the corner. We defended brilliantly from the kick off and managed to keep them out for a while but eventually they sneaked over for a try to level the game at 1-1 at the end of the first half. After an encouraging team talk from Mr Thompson who told us he was very proud of our efforts so far, we started the second half. We continued to work hard to get a free pass near their line and I managed to get over for a try.
Ben then scored to take the score to 3-1 to Moreton Hall. The Abbey had a big squad to keep rotating players on and off and we started to get tired which meant that the Abbey scored to make it 3-2 to Moreton Hall.
In the last second of the game they once again burst through to level the game as the final whistle blew. Mr Thompson writes “Harrison played a brilliant game as Captain of the team and showed true Moreton Hall spirit. I was very proud of him and the rest of the team.

Harrison (cpt.)

U11B rugby v The Abbey

I won the toss and chose to receive, which was a terrific start, but unfortunately they got the ball and scored within the first couple of minutes.  The Abbey dominated in the first half by scoring another five tries but we scored one brilliant try ourselves with George running up the wing.  We played much better in the second half and succeeded in getting another five tries – four from Matthew all in the right hand corner and one in the left hand corner by Aidan. Disappointingly, The Abbey also scored five tries in the second half making the final score 11-6 to The Abbey.

Man of the match goes to Matthew for doing some brilliant steps and runs. Special mention to Hunter for playing really well and turning over the ball. Thenk you to Mr Thompson for driving us, Ed for coaching and The Abbey for match tea.

Rory (cpt.)

U8A netball festival at Rushmere Sports Centre

We got off to a good start by winning our first game against Orwell Park 1-0.
In the next match we were playing against Littlegarth.  In the first half we were winning 1-0 as we were playing really well.  By the nd of the match we managed to score another goal and won 2-0.
We carried on our good play by winning the last game 5-0 against The Abbey with some good shooting from Saskia, Amelia and Harriet.
Well done to all players in the A team. Girl of the game goes to Clemmie because she pops out of nowhere to get the ball.
Thank you to Mrs K for coaching and Ipswich Prep for match tea.

Caris and Amelia (cpts)

U9B netball festival at Rushmere Sports Centre

We started off badly in our first match against Orwell Park with lots of improvement needed. Then at half time we had an encouraging team talk from Steph and came back on strong and Imogen scored our first goal. Final score 1-0 to Moreton Hall.
Our next match was against South Lee. We forgot about the encouraging team talk that Steph had given us earlier but at half time she reminded us. Imogen then went on to score the only goal of the match.  Final score 1-0 to Moreton Hall.
Before our our final match  against St Joseph’s we had hot chocolate and a biscuit.  We played our best but St Joseph’s scored 3 goals by half time. Then we tried to stop them but they scored two more making the final score 5-0 to St Joseph’s.
Girl of the game goes to Imogen for scoring all the goals.

Freya (cpt.)

U11A hockey v South Lee

We knew it was going to be an incredibly hard match because earlier in the season we lost to them 1-0. We lost the toss and they chose 1st center pass. The whole team started off well with the attack having some great attempts at goal but the amazing goalie saved them. Sadly just before the whistle blew for half time a girl broke through and scored. Mrs Bushell told us to just have fun but we knew we could win. As soon as we got back on the pitch we got an attacking sort corner. I past to Abi and as she hit the ball she slipped and landed on her bum! A few minutes later I ran up  the pitch and scored. We knew they would fight back. Sadly, again the same girl that scored the last goal took a shot and it rebounded off my stick into the goal. Later Mrs Bushell told me that it was going in anyway. Thank you to Mrs Bushell for driving and both teams for playing amazingly well. Girl of the game goes to Abi. Final score 2-2.

Lilia (cpt)


U11B v South Lee

We started off well with Jemima passing to Avni who did a great hit but unfortunately they managed to get the ball into the D which was soon followed by a home goal. We fought hard but they got another goal that just slipped into it.  Luckily we upped our game and got an amazing goal from Jemima.  Then it was half time.  After an inspiring team talk by Mrs Taylor we went back on feeling stronger than ever.  We played really well but our defence slipped and they managed to to sneak in a goal, but we weren’t finished yet! We played super hard and Jemima scored another fantastic goal. Just after that it was the end of the game.  Special mention to Serafina as it was her first time in goal and well done to the year 3s and 4s  who played as well. Thank you Mrs Taylor for coaching and South Lee for match tea. Girl of the game goes to Jemima as chosen by the South Lee team. Final Score 3-2 to South Lee.

Saoirse (cpt)

U11 hockey v Framlingham & OBH

Framlingham vs Moreton Hall

I won the toss and chose first center pass. We quickly conceded a goal and then we retaliated and got 3 attacking short corners but sadly none of them went in. Then the whistle blew for half-time.
We came back thinking we could win but they had a great opportunity to score and went in the back of the net. Girl of the game goes to Jemima. Final score 2-0 to them.

OBH vs Moreton Hall

We knew it was going to be hard because they beat Framlingham 1-0. I won the toss and chose first center pass. This girl ran up the pitch and flicked at goal but Amelia saved it. We had 5 minutes left and they hit my hand with the stick and somehow they got a attacking short corner. Unfortunately they scored from it. I ran up the pitch but they tackled me and the whistle blew for full time. Girl of the game goes to Olivia. Final score 1-0