Sports round up

Posted on Monday, 27th November 2017 in Match Reports

U8 football v St Margaret’s

We got there with a greeting of ‘we are bananas’ from the opposition – strange! The weather condition was not great as it was raining.   Although the weather was on a low we were on a high to win this match. We were excited for the end of the first half as we knew from our past visits to this school that we get orange slices!  We started the first half strong with several attacking moves but sadly none of them succeeded at getting in to the back of the net.  We pushed and we pushed but it just wasn’t enough and we ended up giving away a free kick just outside our goal area which went to their star player who put it in to the back of our goal giving Albie no chance.  We pushed from the centre until we had some luck.  Ash took a boot which hit around 4000 people and then went in the goal.  They then came in with another goal which succeded in getting planted in the corner of the net. That was the end of the first half.

I’m happy to report that the orange slices did indeed come out at half time!  The second half was pretty much a repeat of the first half and we just managed to score with Ashley taking the corner and hitting one of St Margaret’s players and bouncing in to the goal.  Thank you to Mr James for driving and coaching and St Margarets for match tea and orange slices.  Final score 2-2 Man of the match goes to me as chosen by Mr James.

George (cpt)

U11 rugby v Barnardiston

I won the toss and chose to receive. We started off well with the whole team passing and tackling but their team were too strong and scored a try.  After that we got our heads back in the game and passed the ball to Ben, who made a run down the left side of the pitch and scored. Unfortunately 10 minutes before half time Barnardiston scored 4 tries making it 4-1 to Barnardiston at half time.

After a team talk from Mr.Thomson we carried on with the game. With some more good passing Ben made another run but was taken down just before the line.  The end result was 8-1 to Barnardiston.

Man of the match goes to Charlie for excellent play throughout the game.

Harrison (cpt.)

U9 rugby v Barnardiston Hall

We started off the game well with some good passing from Hunter, Aidan and George T. The first half was close with very good runs.  We went into half time only one try behind making it 6-5 to Barnardiston Hall. Tries were from Hunter, George T. and myself.

We came into the second half strong with an encouraging team talk from Ed.  Unfortunately our tackling let us down but we came back with some good runs by George T. and George F.. We finished off  with 6 more tries but lost overall 16-11. A special mention to Ashley for some great tackling.  Man of the match goes to George T. for some outstanding runs and tries.  Thank you to the Gaps for coaching and refereeing and the chefs for match tea. Congratulations to Barnardiston for a good, fair win.

Matthew (cpt.)

U13 rugby v King’s Ely

We won the toss and chose to receive. After an unusually slow start King’s Ely managed to score 4 tries.  We came back strong though with Harley and Tristan both scoring tries. Sadly, just before half time King’s Ely managed to score two more. The half time score was 30-10 to King’s Ely.

After some great words of wisdom from Mr James we were ready for the second half.  A few minutes in King’s Ely slipped in three tries but down to some good defence we managed to turn the ball over and get the ball to Edward who scored.  Sadly it was not to be and just before full time King’s Ely scored. The final score was 50-15 to King’s Ely.  Thank you Mr James for coaching and King’s Ely for match tea. Man of the match goes to Harley for great running and support play.

Harry, Captain of Rugby

U9 netball v Riddlesworth Hall

Riddlesworth made an excellent start scoring 3 goals in the first quarter.  We were all determined to win and Mrs Fenner gave us an encouraging team talk so we went on for the next quarter feeling more positive and scored our first two goals. At half time we were pleased that we had almost caught up with them.  We started the next half very well and at the end of the next quarter we had scored a further 2 goals and they had scored one making the scores equal.  In the final quarter we scored out final goal making us the winners.  We were all really happy after such a close game.  Thank you to Mrs Fenner for coaching and Riddlesworth for an excellent game.  The final score was 6-5 to Moreton Hall. 3 goals were scored by Saskia, 2 by Rachel and 1 by Ivy.  Girl fo the game goes to Caris, chosen by Riddlesworth.

Amelia (cpt.)

U11 hockey v St Margaret’s

We lost the toss and they chose first centre pass.  Both teams played well and we got  a short corner but we missed. Not much happened in the first half and at half time Mrs Bushell told us that we could win it.  We went back on the pitch ready to play. I ran down the pitch and scored then our defence slipped and they scored a goal making the score 1-1.  We got an attacking short corner and Abi did an amazing shot and scored.  I then fed the ball to Evie and she scored.  Sadly they attacked and scored as well but then Abi passed the ball to Evie and it deflected off her stick and into the goal. Evie looked as if she didn’t know much about it! The final score was 4-2 to us.  Girl of the game goes to the whole team including Elizabeth and Serafina for cheerleading. Thank you to Mrs Bushell for coaching and matron for match tea.

Lilia (cpt.)

U13A hockey v Woodbridge

We started off with both sides being very equal but unfortunately they made a quick break through amd managed to score a goal. This made us furious and with some awesome illumination skills from Tilly we managed to gain a short corner.  This resulted in Maria scoring an amazing goal just before the whistle blew for half time.  Mrs K then gave us an inspiring team talk and we went back on strong. This didn’t stop Woodbridge from breaking through our defence and scoring their second goal.  This put us under pressure as we only had 6 minutes left to play.  With some amazing tackles from Pippa and Maria the ball managed to travel up to Hermione who passed to Tilly who rifled the ball into the back of the net making the final score 2 all.  Girl of the game goes to Tilly for her determination to close the play down and make good leading runs to receive the ball. Thank you Mrs K for coaching and driving and Woodbridge for match tea.

Francesca, Captain of Hockey

U13B hockey v Woodbridge

We won the toss and chose first centre pass.  We started off well with Matilda having  a few shots at goal but their goalkeeper was good and didn’t let any in.  Then Woodbridge got through our defence and scored. This lowered our confidence but we carried on.  Linda did some great defending and the whole team worked hard. When the whistle blew for half time the score was 2-0 to them.  After an inspiring team talk from Mrs Konrath we came back determined to get a goal.  The defence and attack worked together and we managed to keep out the goals.  Then we got a short corner. Linda hit the ball to Grace who swept it into the back of the net.  This goal gave us some more strength and confidence.  Then, after what seemed like a thousand of their short corners, they got a goal passed Issy. The final score was 3-1 to Woodbridge.  Girl of the game was Matilda as chosen by the other team for always getting into space and being a team player.  Special mention to the whole team for never giving up until the end.  Thank you Mrs K for driving and Woodbridge for a good game.

Grace (cpt.)