Sports round up

Posted on Wednesday, 20th September 2017 in Match Reports

U13 hockey v Finborough


Knowing this was our first match of the season we were determined to win.  We got off to a good start and within 30 seconds Tilly had dribbled the ball up the pitch and rifled it into the back of the net. This boosted our confidence and by half time we had scored 4 more goals with another from Tilly, 2 from Zynia and 1 from Tashy.  In the second half we swapped attack and defence over but it didn’t reduce our scoring rate as we notched up another 5 goals, 2 of which were scored by Maria and the other 3 by Grace. Unfortunately Finborough then managed to wiggle through our defence and score 2 goals.  The final score was 10-2 to Moreton Hall.

Girls of the game goes to Zynia for setting up most of the goals and making some excellent tackles when in defence.  Special mention to  Pippa for volunteering to play for the B team as they were one player short.  An amazing start to the season for both U13 teams – keep it up!

Francesca, Captain of Hockey


We took the first push back and kept possession for most of the first half.  After some good quality play I scored our first goal.  In the second half we were playing uphill but with Mr Moxon’s encouragment (and bribery with Mars bars) we continued to play well and scored 2 more goals, thanks to Matilda and Hermanie. They managed to get one goal back but the final whistle blew and we had won our first match of the season.

The whole team played brilliantly, well done everybody!

U11 girls Triangular v Fairstead House and Finborough

Game 1 – Moreton Hall vs Fairstead House

We started well with great passing from Lilia, Chessy, Evie and myself. We managed a goal that rebounded off the Keeper’s pads and went in. Fairstead then scored a lucky goal, but just before the buzzer, I swept the ball over the line to make the final score 2-1 to Moreton Hall.


Game 2 – Finborough vs Fairstead House

A much harder game for Fairstead, ending in a final score of 4–1 to Finborough.


Game 3 – Moreton Hall vs Finborough

Having watched the game before, we knew it was going to be tough, so we showed no mercy from the start. We pushed and pushed and Jemima managed to slip the ball in but right at the end which meant the final score was an even 1-1 draw.

Girl of the match from both Fairstead and Finborough was given to me! But my best player was Jemima for her excellent goal and teamwork, and of course to the best Goalie – Lizzy Hensley, even though her shoe came off twice she managed to save some amazing goals.

Abigail (cpt)

U11 rugby Triangular v Fairstead House and Finborough

U11 rugby v Fairstead House

Our first match was against Fairstead House.  We lost the toss and they chose to kick.  We started off strongly with Charlie and George up front making some great tackles.  We gradually made our way up the pitch and Louis managed to find a gap and score our first try.  The second try cam esoon after with Ben scoring. Harrison dodged a few players then had a clear run to the try line, finally scoring the last try of the game.  The final score was 3-0 to Moreton Hall Prep.


U11 rugby v Finborough

Our second match was looking tough but we were ready to give it our best shot.  Unfortunately our defense slipped  allowing then to score 3 tries.  We tried to come back with Ben making an excellent run but he was taken down.  Finborough came back scoring 2 more tries.  The final score was 5-0 to Finborough.

Man of the match goes to the whole team.  Thank you to the kitchen for match tea and Mr Thompson for coaching.

Harrison (cpt)

U9 netball v Culford

We played at Culford school outside on their astro.  It was our first match of the season and we were all determined to win.  I lost the toss and they took first centre pass.  They quickly passed into the D and tried to score but the ball went out of the court and our team got the ball.  Caris quickly passed to Clemmie who then passed the ball to Saskia and although we got into the D we couldn’t quite score.  At quarter time the score was 0-0.  Mrs Fenner switched our positions around and we started off with the ball but they defended it and then they tried scoring but they missed.  Then Caris accidentally knocked the ball out of the court and so the other team got the ball, they managed to score their  first goal just before the whistle blew for half time.  We ran to shelter as it started to rain heavily.  We were disappointed but still determined to try and win.

Once the rain had stopped we went into the sports hall to continue the match.  We had to wait while they finished playing other games in there as there was too much going on.  Culford started the second half with the ball but we quickly got it from them and I went on to score the first goal.  We started off again with the ball, quickly passed it down and I scored our second goal.  Then the three-quarter time whistle went and we had to wait again.  We started the final quarter with the ball but they got it from us.  Luckily due to our excellent defending they didn’t manage to score any more goals.  The match ended with a score of 2-1 to us.  Girl of the game was the whole team as we worked really well together. Special mention to Caris as it was her first match and she showed some really good skills.  Thank you to Culford for match tea and playing a really good game and Mrs Fenner for coaching.

Amelia (cpt)