Strings Day at Culford

Posted on Tuesday, 17th October 2017 in GENERAL NEWS

Linda, Lilia, Freya and Rory went to Culford School for their String Day.  There were lots of other schools there including Barnardiston Hall, Culford, Fairstead School and South Lee.

At first the violins sat apart from the cellos. Linda and Rory and the other violinists tried three pieces, ‘The Water Music’, ‘What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor’ and ‘Weeping Willow’.  We tried very hard and let our heads take in the process. We got really tired and then took our lunch.  After that we kept practising and kept getting better.  Afterwards we played altogether (cellos & violins)  and the sound was beautiful, especially ‘The Water Music’ which we played in the concert. Thank you to Mrs Wolton for helping us ans Mrs Fayers for driving us.  Well done to everybody in the group who went to Culford today, we had a really nice Strings Day.

Linda (VII)