Suffolk Schools Team Tennis

Posted on Thursday, 14th June 2018 in SPORTS

After last year’s success the pressure is on to retain our title this year! The teams have been practising hard the results are below:

U11 Boys v South Lee

Our first match was against South Lee.  Rory was playing at #1, Ollie #2, George  #3, and Ed #4. Ollie was the one to finish first with a very good win at 4-0.  Next, was Rory with another win, also scoring 4-0. Then came George with another win 4-1.  Finally Ed won his match 4-2. All four wins meant that we did not have to play doubles so it was a matter of waiting for our big match against Culford.

U11 Boys v Culford

Fortunately with very good play from Ed and I, we both won our matches 4-1 and 4-2 making the score 2-2 in matches.  This meant we went to doubles. Ed and George played together and Rory and Ollie played together. Ed and George finished first with a win and a score of 4-0.  Much, much later Rory and Ollie’s match finished resulting in a loss that went to 7-2 in a tie break.  Now the score was 3-3 and it went down to the number of games we had won.  Culford had won 16  and Moreton Hall 20.  We were through, straight to the County Finals!

Thank you to Mr James for coaching and driving and to Culford for hosting.  Man of the match goes to the whole team for excellent play and giving it their all.  Special mention to Ed and George for winning all of their matches.  A big and special thank you to Mr Bolt for taking time out of his day to teach and improve our tennis.

U13 Boys v Westley Middle

We arrived knowing that if we managed to create a win we would be another step closer to our title defence.  We started off with Harry and Rory playing doubles and Tyler and myself playing singles.  We each got very consistent wins with all of us winning 6-1.

The next round of matches were as big as the first because we knew it wasn’t over until we had won four matches.  Next up we switched around with Rory and Harry playing singles and Tyler and myself playing doubles.  Tyler and myself sprung off with a quick 6-0 win meaning we were going through to the quarter finals but this didn’t deter Rory and Harry.  After a brilliant comeback Rory managed to get a win against a much older opponent.  Once we had finished, Harry was still battling out on court getting another amazing comeback and winning a marathon tie-break which he won both mentally and physically.  This meant that we won with a clean sheet at 12-0.

Man of the match goes to the whole team for stepping up after Merlin’s absence and for keeping a brilliant team win.  Special mention to rory for coming up into the U13s at such short notice and beating opponents two years older than him.


U13A Girls v South Lee

When we arrived we found out we were playing on hard courts which threw us slightly but we won our first two singles, Maria won hers 6-1 and Zynia won hers 6-2.  Frankie and I won our doubles 6-3.  Zynia and Maria then went on to win their doubles 6-3.  I won my singles 6-2 but unfortunately Frankie lost hers 3-6.  We won the tournament 5-1.

Thank you to South Lee for a great day of tennis and the juice and biscuits.  Thank you to Mrs Allen for supporting us and driving us.

Pippa, Captain of Tennis

U13A Girls v King Edward’s

We arrived at King Edward’s ready to play a great game of tennis.  First we played singles. Zynia battled a great game playing some really great shots and winning her match 6-0.  Maria played well in her match making her opponent run off the court and won 6-0. I played my singles and won 6-1.  Frankie was the last person to play her singles, she played a great game only letting her opponent win three points and won 6-0.

We then played our doubles. Maria and Zynia played first, playing an amazing game and because of their good communication they won 6-2. Frankie and I played our doubles starting well and finsihed 6-1.

Thank you to King Edward’s for hosting and Mr James for coaching and taking us.  Girl of the game goes to the whole team for a great match.  Final score 12-0.

Pippa, Captain of Tennis.

U13B Girls v Ipswich School

Ciara and I started our singles while Olivia and Tilly started their doubles. After a very tight match Ciara lost her game 4-6. After a rough start I came back and won my game 6-4.  Tilly and Olivia played their doubles match well and only let the opposition score a couple of points.  Their score was 6-2.

Tilly and Olivia then played their singles.  Tilly played really well but the opposition got the upper hand and the score was 3-6.  Olivia played well and although she found it tougher than her doubles, got a win 6-2. Then Ciara and I played our doubles.  Then Ciara and I played our doubles.  The opposition played really well but we managed to beat them 6-3.

The final score was 8-4.  Girls of the game goes to the whole team for our first match and first win!  Thank you to Mr James for driving and Ipswich School for cookies!

Grace (cpt)

U13B Girls v St Benedict’s

We all started with our singles matches.  After  very tough game I lost my game 0-6 and Ciara also lost her game 2-5.  Tilly and Olivia played their singles and both won! Tilly won hers 6-2 and Olivia 6-1.

Next we played our doubles. Ciara and I lost ours 0-6 but Tilly and Olivia won 5-2.  The final score was 6 all. As a decider Tilly and I played against their number 1 and 3, sudden death, first to 10. We played really well and won 10-8.

U13B Girls v Thomas Gainsborough

They only had 3 players so Tilly didn’t play.  We played our singles and all won our matches 6-0. Then Ciara and I played our doubles and won with a score of 5-1.  The final score was 12-0.

Well done to all the girls who played and thank you to Mr James and Mrs Taylor for driving and supporting.  Girls of the game goes to the whole team for excellent play and super teamwork.

Grace (cpt)

U13B Girls v Westley Middle school

We started off with Tilly and Olivia playing their doubles while Ciara and I played our singles.  I played my singles with lots of good rallies but my opponent managed to get the upper hand and won 2-6.  Ciara played really well, after a tough start she managed a come back and won her game 6-2.  Tilly and Olivia also managed to win their doubles 6-3.

After a short break Tilly and Olivia played their singles.  Tilly played really well and won her game 6-1. And, after a long game, Olivia got another win of 6-2.  Meanwhile Ciara and I played our doubles.  We won the first point but then one of their players had to leave.  They forfeited and we won!

We were through to the County finals!

The final score was 10-2 to us. Girl of the game goes to Olivia for playing really well having not lost a game. Thank you to Mr James for coaching and driving.

Grace (cpt)