U10 Mixed Mini Orange Tennis Tournament

Posted on Thursday, 7th June 2018 in SPORTS

On Tuesday 5th June we took part in our very first mini orange tennis tournament at Westley Middle School.  We started our first match against Westley A and Oliver won his singles match 9-8.  Next up was Sebert Wood and I won my singles match 9-1 and Serafina won her singles 9-2.  We then had a break before playing Westly B and Saoirse won her singles match 9-3.  We were determined to finish our last two matches with good performances and so we did.  Against Abbots Green, Oliver won 9-4, I won 9-3, Saoirse won 9-5 and Serafina won 9-7.  Our final match was against Horringer Court and Oliver won his match 9-7, I won 9-8, Saoirse won 9-3 and Serafina won 9-8.

We can feel very proud of ourselves seeing that this was our very first tennis tournament.  We played 5 matches winning 2, losing 2 and drawing 1.  Thank you to Mr James for driving and managing us throughout the day.

Louis (cpt.)