U13 Cricket v Culford & Framlingham Prep

Posted on Friday, 19th May 2017 in Cricket

U13 v Framlingham Prep

We arrived at Framlingham on Saturday keen to keep our winning run going. We arrived one person down so let one of their team field for us. I won the toss and chose to field first.  We began well with Merlin getting our first wicket.  Then Tyler bowled an excellent ball which was clipped by their batsman and caught by Harry. Then Wilf made a great catch from another of Tyler’s balls.  Then Tyler got another wicket for LBW and caught one of his own balls.  German also got a catch from one of James’ balls who then got a run out.  Our fielding then became worse, their run-rate became higher and we knew they were heading for a big score.  Then Merlin got two wickets: one was bowled and one was caught really well by Tyler.  They finished on 188/9.

Mr James gave us a motivational team talk telling us that we would need to bat out our skins if we were going to win.  James and I opened the batting but unfortunately he was caught.  Tyler got in and batted very well but then I was bowled.  Merlin came in and he and Tyler developed a good partnership.  We were going well before Tyler was then caught on 28 shortly followed by Merlin.  Fergus, Harry, Ben J., Wilf and German all came in and batted well but got out.  Ben T. stayed in and Merlin batted again as we only had 10 players.  Neither of them got out and Merlin finished on a second score of 22.  We finished on 152/9, losing by 36 runs.  Thank you to Mr James for coaching and driving us and Framlingham for match tea.  Man of the match goes to Tyler for excellent skill with the ball and bat.  Special mention to Ben T. for facing people four years older than him and twice his size.

U13 v Culford

We began our second match of the season against Culford on Friday.  I lost the toss and they chose to field first.  James and opened the batting well before James was bowled on 26.  Tyler then came in and was unluckily caught.  Merlin came in and I then got out along with Fergus and Harry.  Ben J. and Merlin finished the innings with Merlin getting 45 and Ben getting 2. We finished on 110/5

Mr James gave us a good team talk and we came back on strong.  James got an early run out followed by Ben catching one of Tyler’s balls.  Merlin got a wicket, James then got a run out followed by Tyler getting a wicket and James getting another run out.  James and I then both got another run out each. They finished on a score of 95/8.  Thank you to Mr James for coaching and driving and Culford for match tea.  Man of the match goes to the whole team for a brilliant all-round performance.

Kit, Captain of Cricket