Weekly Sports Round Up

Posted on Thursday, 22nd February 2018 in Match Reports

U13 netball v Glebe House

We lost the toss and they chose first centre pass,  although we quickly intercepted it and Matilda and Hermanie worked it down to Maria who scored.  Then Grace scored 3 more and Maria scored 3 more leaving the score at the end of the first quarter 7-0 to us. Then Grace (GAP) gave us a talk and told us to stop throwing the ball away.

We started off well in the 2nd quarter with us quickly slipping in a goal. Thenb Glebe managed to get the ball into their D and nearly scored but luckily Pippa and Linda did some amazing interceptions but we couldn’t get the ball up to our D.  Glebe kept on shooting but Linda and Pippa kept intercepting and then finally we got the ball up to Maria who scored just before the half time whistle. The score was 9-0 to us.

We then had another team talk which  motivated us for the 3rd quarter.  We started off well but they soon got it in thier D and scored.  We fought back and scored 3 more.  The score at the end of the 3rd quarter was 12-1 to us.

Despite them having got through our amazing defence we battled back with Grace amnd Maria scoring 11 goals!  They then started top score again and they managed to sneak in 2 more goals and despite Hermanie and Matilda’s great play in the centre we did not score any more goals.  The final score was 16-3.

Girl of the game goes to the whole team for all playing outstandingly.Thank you to Mr James for driving anf Glebe House for match tea.

U13 football v Glebe House

After a long drive we arrived at Glebe House.  After a quick warm-up we were ready for the match ahead.  I lost the toss and they chose to kick off.  We quickly got into the match with an early goal from Merlin.  With great linking up between Merlin, Henry and Zynia, I scored one and Merlin scored another.  Half time score was 3-0 to Moreton Hall.

After an inspiring team talk from Mr James about the cricket season ahead (?) we went out for the second half ready to score more goals!  We got off to a quick start again with Zynia scoring from a free kick and I scored another two.  Solid work from our defence of Harry, Harley, Tristan and Jameson together with Eric showing some good goalkeeping skills we managed to keep a clean sheet.  Final score was a 6-0 win for Moreton Hall.

Man of the match goes to Merlin for doing a good job as striker and special mention to Zynia for stepping in, scoring and assisting.  Thank you to Mr James for coaching and driving and to Glebe House for match tea.

Tyler, Captain

U11 netball v Ipswich School

They won the toss and chose first centre pass.  We were determined to win because it was the first match of the new half term.  In the first quarter we passed the ball down to the hoop and scored.  Ipswich intercepted the ball and they scored 2 goals despite some excellent defending from Cece.  We did some quick passes and Issy scored 2 more goals. Unfortunately they scored 1 more goal.

In the second quarter we did our best to score but the defence was good again and we couldn’t get through.  They had some good interceptions and scored two more goals.

In the third quarter we wanted the ball back but we couldn’t get it in the ‘D’, we tried hard but they scored 4 more goals.

In the next quarter we put lots of effort into it to catch up with Ipswich.  We had some excellent passes from Cece, Evie and Abi and tried to score but we missed our chances and Ipswich scored 2 more.

In the  extra quarter the cold was getting to us.  We played as hard as we could but missed some more chances, while they scored another 2 goals.  The final score was 13-2 to Ipswich School.


U11 netball v St Joseph’s

We won the toss and chose first centre pass.  We wanted a win for our last match of the day.  We tried hard and we passed the ball up the court and scored.  Unfortunately they scored 1, but just before the whistle went we scored 1 more goal.

In the difficult second quarter we wanted to win and we did some great movement to get into the ‘D’ but when we got there we missed our shots.  Positively, our defence was good and St Joseph’s only scored 1 goal.

It was the thir quarter (which was to be the last) and we wanted to win so we put in maximum effort but their defence was good and they got the ball, scoring 2 goals.

The final score was 4-2 to St Joseph’s.

Thank you to Mrs K for coaching and St Joseph’s for match tea.  Girl of the game goes to Cece for her defending in both matches.

Olivia (cpt)

U11A v Dame Bradbury

I won the toss and I chose to start uphill. It was a very small pitch. The first half was a stalemate with neither team scoring. We dominated the first 5 minutes but then Dame Bradbury’s warmed up and it was an even game. It would have been a different story if Rory hadn’t been so fantastic in goal tipping the ball twice past the post and crossbar also doing some great diving saves.

The second half was different with us tearing apart Dame Bradbury’s defence and soon enough I had a shot on goal and the goalkeeper couldn’t catch it and then I scored the rebound. Dame Bradbury’s led an attack which was cleared by Ollie, but their defender was outside the box and took a shot but Harrison blocked it, unfortunately with his arm/hand in our penalty area. Rory stood on the line ready. He shot the ball and Rory with a fingertip save pushed it upwards. However not quite over the bar and the ball was half on the line by the time I reached it. I couldn’t quite get the right angle on it but I still tried to clear it but it hit the post and went in.

We started immediately but this time at 110% and we quickly gained a corner. We needed a goal and fast because we were running out of time.  I lobbed the ball in to the box straight onto Fraser’s head who scored. Now we had found our 7th gear and whenever they had an attack we could always count on Ollie and Harrison at the back. Again, wave after wave of attack. Rory kicked the ball near their box and the defender couldn’t control it bouncing over his head and on to a 1 on 1 with Fraser and the keeper, Fraser slotted his second of the day. In the last minute Dame Bradbury had a free kick on the edge of our box. We lined up in the wall and somehow none of us heard the whistle and instead of shooting he passed to his teammate in the box who scored. The final score was 3-2 to Moreton Hall, a great result bearing in mind we had already lost to them earlier in the season. Everyone played really well but for me Rory stood out making some unbelievable saves so he gets my Man of the Match. Special mention to Ollie and Harrison at the back for not letting anything past them. Thank you to Mr Thompson for coaching and driving and Dame Bradbury for match tea.

Edward (cpt)

U11B v Dame Bradbury’s

I won the toss and chose to kick off.  We started off well but unfortunately we conceeded 4 goals in the first half. With an encouraging team talk from Conor we came back on for the second half much stronger scoring 2 goals but despite strong defence from Hunter, Aidan and Fareed unfortunately we conceeded one more goal from a loack of concentration but we won the second half 2-1 which is a good sign for the future. The final score was 5-2 to Dame Bradbury.

Man of the match was me chosen by Conor. Special mention to Noah for great goal-keeping and thank you to Dame Bradbury for match tea and Mr Thompson for driving.

Louis (cpt)

U9 girls’ hockey v Fairstead House

We lost the toss and they chose first centre pass. In the first quarter Freya had a good saving goal however they scored on the rebound, followed by a goal from Caris and another from Fairstead House. At quarter time we were 2-1 down. After an inspiring talk from Mrs Taylor we were determined to score more goals. Amelia scored three more goals and they scored one, so that at half time the score was 5 – 3 to us.

In the second half we had a lot of possession of the ball and we played really well. Freya made another amazing save. Caris scored 3 goals and the final score was 8 – 5 to us.

Special mention to Immy for great defense and Amelia for great goal scoring. Girl of the game was Caris, chosen by Fairstead.

Thank you to Mrs Taylor for coaching and the kitchen for match tea.

Harriet (cpt)